BUDDY MILLER, Teen Twist, 1960

I had a very busy week finishing a lettering job for a comic book, doing a record sleeve for the local band Berlinska Dróha and now I`m working on my weekly comic-strip Bigbeatland. In the middle of all of this my computer broke down completely. Thankfully it could be repaired. But that´s why I´m a little late this week….

But before I get to the music I´d like to point out that on Saturday Franky Fuzz and I are doing AUKTION/DESTRUKTION again.6.auktion-destruktion

( Also, Samstag wird nochmal versteigert und zerbrochen bevor wir in die Sommerpause gehen. Franky und ich haben wieder jede Menge Schrott und Hits und Raritäten in der Kiste. Startgebot ist  wie immer 10 Cent. Diesmal ausserdem mit dem Pop-Quiz, Olli und Mario´s beliebter Veranstaltungsreihe in der Kollage. Fürs Mitraten gibt´s immer auch kleine Preise zu gewinnen. Außerdem tritt Martin Crave auf. Ich würde mich also sehr freuen euch zu sehen…)

Two weeks ago I posted Hully Gully records , then last week it was Madison time so now finally of course here comes the mother of all dance crazes The Twist.  No need to go into Hank Ballard and Chubby Checker again but straight to the music. As in my previous posts these Twists cover a broad variety of styles: from some killer Rock`n`Roll to some that is trying very hard…

This was on one of the Las Vegas Grind comps. That pretty much describes what kind of Twist this is: RAW!  PRIMITIVE! ROCK`N`ROLL!!!

BUDDY MILLER, Teen Twist, 1960

Ilias just gave me the idea so I searched for some more Twist clips. This one has some great twist moves: