BENNY LUX, Bong A Boing (Die kleinen grünen Männchen), 1971

Somebody paid 3o Euros for this on eBay recently. Even more recently somebody paid 51 euros! Who are these people? I thought we were in a recession right now!

My own copy is not in a perfect shape and I only paid 50 cents  in a thrift store a couple of weeks ago, but I think that`s a little closer to what this record should cost.  I mean come on: a song about little green men singing: Bong-Bong-A-Beng-Beng-A-Bing-Bing-A-Bang-A-Bang-A-Bung-Bung-A-Boing…

Great silly music but still primarily SILLY!!! This is silly like crazy! This is music to destroy brain cells with! Music to terrorize your girlfriend/boyfriend with! Well you decide, if that`s worth 51 Euros

BENNY LUX, Bong A Boing, 1971