LOS BETA QUARTET, Ton Pare No Te Mas, 1965

beta-frontbeta-backbeta-labelLos Beta look like they were a Flamenco group but this time I knew what I was buying. Los Beta were one of the more popular Beat groups from Mallorca that recorded a handful of records for the Regal label. beta

Ton Pare No Te Mas is a fast and funny Beat song with some Speedy Gonzales vocals thrown in…

LOS BETA QUARTET, Ton Pare No Te Mas, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Agujetas color de rosa, 1965

As I write this I`m still in Mallorca where I`ve spent the last 10 days together with the staff of JUNGLE WORLD the weekly newspaper that I work for. A good opportunity to post some Palma Rock`n`Roll here. I bought all three of these Ep`s some years ago at different places in Berlin. Two of them and a spare one  I have, carry a stamp of a local record shop, so I assume the band is indeed from Mallorca.

But then  maybe the band was a tourists favorite and that`s why they seem to turn up in Berlin so often. So far my stay here on the island has not led to new information about them.

On this Ep “Los 5 del Este” finally got rid of their “Este” and played some nice beat music,  including two cover-versions. They`re not LOS SIREX but listen and check for yourself…

Palma Rock`n`Roll Action! Me in front of local punk band MOSTROS practice space. More next week…

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Agujetas color de rosa, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Sabes cuanto te quiero, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Cuando, Cuando y Quando, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Mare non cantare, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Tu no tienes corazon, 1964

Probably the only decent beat number on this Ep is “Tu no tienes Corazon” but I only picked it up because of the very nice sleeve. I love these Spanish and French Ep sleeves. They`re much more solid than the American paper sleeves and are often in great condition after some 40 to 50 years. The laminated cardboard jackets also make the artwork stand out much more so whenever I find even American or British artists on Spanish and French Ep`s I buy them.

“Los 5 del Este” got rid of their Fez hats on this one but still used the same room for the cover shot. Or maybe they were only the house band at a club that had a very exotic stage…

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Tu no tienes corazon, 1964

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Marisa, 1964

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, La Bamba alegre, 1964

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Sigo cantando, 1964

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Sa Ximbomba, 1964

This shows “The 5 from the East” in a fake oriental setting, hence the choice of their name.

“Sa Ximbomba” is sort of a take on “Mustafa”, a French 60s pop hit with a oriental, i.e. originally meaning “Eastern”, twist.

A reminder that 50 years ago, popular ideas about “The East” were, however naive and cornball, still much more passionate and positive than in today`s Islamiophobic times…

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, La Ximbomba, 1964

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Mas, 1964

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Ahora tu puedes marchar, 1964

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Mary Isabel, 1964