Before I bought the stack of records I noticed that inside this sleeve five other Flexi-discs were hidden. I showed the seller and he replied: “Well, if they´re in there” and let me have them all for 1 Euro. I love my little flea-market.

Fellow record collector Stefan recently sent in a few very good high-resolution scans of some Persil and Phonocolor Flexi-disc sleeves that  I was missing here and here. Thanks Stefan! He seems to have quite a collection but is yet reluctant to start a own blog. I would sure like to see and listen to his records…

Meanwhile Martin at Brotbeutel has posted some very entertaining German Flexi discs lately here and here and here.

This flexible record was advertising for the Mareno shoe-shop in Hannover. As they proudly anounced on the back of the sleeve they had recently opened another store: after 20 years back in Berlin at the Europa-Center, that opened in April 1965.elaton

This is the logo of the company that made these Flexi discs. I was surprised to find out that the Elaton (like elastic-tone!)-Studio is still listed at the same address in Hannover that is written on the label.

Hawaiki is a Hawaian Swing song that starts with a airplane taking off and some nice in-between comments like: We will be landing in a few minutes, please fasten your seat-belts and stop smoking”.

Those were the days. ..

I already had an earlier one of these Mareno advertisement records. Sweet-Lou is another Hawaiian song but  a little more on the sweet side…


CORNY-TRIO, Großstadtmelodie, 1965


BEALE STREET PARADERS, Charlston 61, 1961