TOMMI PIPER, Monotonek, 1976

Thomas “Tommi” Piper is a German actor, voice actor and musician  who played his first roles in movies in the 60`s. He is well known in Germany for having done the voice-over for the TV-character ALF.

It says on the back of the sleeve  that he premiered as entertainer April 22, 1974 with a two and a half hour show called “Show about Show”. His first album ” Tommi Piper Entertainer” , produced by Michael Holm, came out in January 1976

“Monotonek” is a parody-version of  Carl Douglas`s “Kung Fu Fighting” with changed lyrics in German. This is a comedy record first, that is making fun of the monotonous Disco music and the fancy Disco scene , but musically this is also surprisingly rockin`.

TOMMI PIPER, Monotonek, 1976

TOMMI PIPER, Billy-Kid-Eye-Joe und die Jungs von der Bronx, 1976


klingende-post-ii-1962-labelMichael Holm is twistin` the twist.

Short Version: KLINGENDE POST II, Michael Holm, Hans Blum, Elvis Presley, 1962


KLINGENDE POST II, michael-holm2.Teil, 1962