I`m A Wimp!


Thanks to everyone that attended Auktion/Destruktion last Saturday. We sold most of our records and destroyed a bunch.  Everyone seemed to have had a good time, except for me. I didn`t try to show it, but I had a splitting headache all  through the night. I  don`t drink that much anymore but the night before I had two beers and sipped on some of Frank`s rum and coke and that did me in. I`m such a wimp nowadays!

Probably because of that, I made a couple of bad decisions, like offering Hawkwind`s Silver Machine to a young audience who sold most of our bad German 80`s pop records. Even mentioning Lemmy didn`t help and I ended up selling it for 70 cents. At least I didn`t have to break it…

On Friday was the opening of the Munny group-show at Knoth & Krüger gallery.The show was organized by the Modern Graphics comic shop and the Knoth & Krüger gallery in Kreuzberg. There is a Elvis-Munny and a Johnny Cash-Munny in the exhibition so I modelled my   Munny doll after

Gene Vincent in The Girl Can`t Help It.

gene-with-blue-cap-on-2 I like Johnny Cash and Elvis but I love Gene Vincent! More photos of my Gene-Munny here.

All dolls are being auctioned and will be sold to the highest bidder. Starting bids are 50 Euros. All proceeds will go to Karuna e.V., a street children project in Berlin, to buy art supplies for their work with the children. You can see all Munny dolls from the exhibition here.

One last thing:  after I`ve been talking to some people at Jungle World about music blogs long enough, they finally let me write about them. So appearing in today`s paper is a two page article that makes mention of most of the blogs that I have in my blogroll.  It`s available on most of the bigger  newsstands throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or you can read it online here.

Now on to the promised offerings: German Cowboy records…