Recent Update: First retrospective exhibition of Ha-Ga’s works in the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw on the 12 th of May 2008

Last Friday I received a very nice mail from Zuzanna Lipinska, daughter of Polish cartoonists Anna Goslawska (Ha-Ga) and Eryk Lipinski. In February I had written about Ha-Ga with what little I could gather from my own small collection of her printed work and the even smaller amount of information from the Internet. Zuzanna pointed out some of the resulting misinformation so that I could add this new information to the post and change the errors.

Zuzanna has worked on a big retrospective exhibition of her mothers work that will take place at the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw starting on the 12th of May 2008. Zuzanna has also designed a new accompanying website to the exhibition.

It`s in Polish and English and it looks really great. It shows a lot of Ha-Ga`s beautiful illustrations for children`s books and her cartoons are collected in different topical sections. There is even a short film from Polish Television in 1957 showing Anna, Eryk and Zuzanna happily drawing cartoons together.

We exchanged some very nice mails and Zuzanna invited me to the opening of the exhibition in Warsaw and I`m looking forward to go now.

Thank you very much Zuzanna!