SUSI DORÉE, Ich geh ohne, 1964

alle-maedchen-frontalle-maedchen-backalle-maedchen-labelalle-maedchen-label-2Susi Dorée is a local Berlin singer who , together with  the Blue Cellar Combo, was a staple at the famous Berlin Riverboat, one of the biggest European dance clubs in the early to mid 60´s.

She also recorded the first German cover version of Little Eva´s Locomotion, Schokoladeneis, for  CBS. In the mid-60´Susi Dorée did a lot of studio work, recording cover versions of hit records for  German budget labels tip and Baccarola.

(from Billboard magazine Jan.16, 1965)

Ich geh ohne (I´m going without), recorded for the local independent  Monopol label and written by Will Meisel, is another tongue-in-cheek take on the Minikini/No Bikini fad of 1964 (that I´ve posted here, here and here) suggesting she´s going “without a bra”.

It turns out that Susi´s not going out of the house without her “boyfriend Jack”…

SUSI DORÉE, Ich geh´ ohne, 1964

SUSI DORÉE, Das wissen alle Mädchen, 1964

DIE BAMBIS, Mini-Kini-Baby, 1964

Just to complete the Mini-Kini thing from last week here´s the Bambis from Austria. Decent song but would have been much better with a guitar break than an organ.

DIE BAMBIS, Mini-Kini-Baby, 1964