WERNER HASS UND DIE MONACOS, Alle drücken ihm den Daumen, 1965

I could be a  cynical anarchist and say that nothing will change anyway no matter who is president but right now I`m as happy about Obama`s historic victory as anyone else. It`s a great little moment and I`d like to take the time to post some more political records- some strange, some funny and some serious.

This is a flexi-disc that was published in support of the candidacy of social-democratic politician and popular Berlin mayor Willy Brandt to become German chancellor in 1966. Both songs are playing with Willy`s image as a womanizer. I found the record at my local flea-market and the lyrics and a story here.

williThe caricature of Willy Brandt is by the local Berlin cartoonist Ole Jensen( see my post about him here)

WERNER HASS UND DIE MONACOS, Alle drücken ihm den Daumen, 1965

WERNER HASS UND DIE MONACOS, Einmal muß man es probieren, 1965

BILLY VAUGHN,Humoresque Boogie

Billy Vaughn was one of the most famous American orchestra leaders of the 50s and 60s and was especially successful in Germany. I still see his 1961 hit-record “Wheels” in every Thrift-store that i go to.

The cover of the German edition of this record, however was drawn by Ole Jensen, a native Berliner.

Ole Jensen was born October 9th 1924 in Berlin. The introduction to his 1965 book “Kopf des Tages, Kopf der Woche, Köpfe der Zeit” was written by his friend and Colleague H.J.Stenzel (see my second post ). Just like Stenzel, Jensen is pretty much forgotten today, even among contemporary Berlin cartoonists, but was fairly popular in the late 50s to mid-60s. He appeared regularly on local Berlin TV doing high-speed sketches.

Just like me today, these guys were in their late 30s to early 40s, but had been raised in Nazi Germany, had been to war and were now shaping or echoing the German sense of humour of the post war time. ( Ein kleiner Text von mir  über Billy Vaughn und Ole Jensen, erschien am 23. Juli 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World, zu lesen  hier. )


BILLY VAUGHN,Humoresque Boogie