Thanks to everyone that attended our auction/destruction happening last night! Frank and I had a lot of fun. This time people bid on almost anything and we didn`t get to destroy as many records as I had wished. So instead we made a little money…

Thanks to my sweet girlfriend Julia who made these videos.

A German Telefunken pressing of the THE WAIKIKI`S “Waikiki Welcome” from 1962 is up for bidding:

THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN`s “Save Your Kisses For Me” saved from destruction for 10 cents:

And yes, it only takes seconds to break one:

Here`s the jingle Frank did for   AUKTION/DESTRUKTION

Vielen Dank auch an Anja Krieger, die einen sehr netten Artikel über den Abend auf ihrer Seite geschrieben hat.

Ebenfalls sehr freundliche Worte über uns fand der Eigenhund blog. Vielen Dank.