BOGUSLAW WYROBEK, Jailhouse Rock, 1960

Finally it´s vacation time in Berlin. To celebrate that, here are a bunch of records with a vacation theme, at least sleeve-wise. Everybody`s  going to the South so I´d like to take the freedom to go East.made-in-poland

Boguslaw Wyrobek (1937-1997) was one of the first Polish Rock´n´Roll singers starting his career in 1958. That said the songs you are about to hear are very funny Rock´n´Roll. You think you have heard primitive Rock´n´Roll, well, this is reeeally primitive. At least I have never heard Jailhouse Rock sung this way. Listen how Boguslaw is fighting with the English lyrics while trying to rock his Polish soul out.boguslaw-wyrobek

At least Poland had Rock´n´Roll in the 50´s and recorded it, unlike many other Communist countries like East-Germany, Romania and Russia.

But don´t get me wrong, all of Boguslaw Wyrobek´s songs are great! They make me laugh and they make me dance. And that´s the best kinda Rock´n´Roll I can imagine…

BOGUSLAW WYROBEK, Jailhouse Rock, 1960

BOGUSLAW WYROBEK, Two Hound Dogs, 1960