KORNI GRUPA, Bube, 1970

As promised here are some more records from my trip to Croatia. Most of them I bought in a little thrift-store in Split. There is a lot of great beat and punk from Yugoslavia but I only spent 3 days in Split, so this only what I found in that short time. I`m not an expert on Yugoslav rock but I knew a couple of band names and picked up everything that looked slightly like rock or pop music.

Luckily Miro, the nice fellow who led me to the thrift-store, offered to give me some of his old 45s that he didn`t need any more. So on the following day we met in a cafe and he gave me about 20 more records.

This record belonged to him and I`m happy that he was willing to part with it. I`m not a big fan of progressive rock but I really like this Yugoslav brand of it: kind of pop-ish and funky. My favorite song is “Bube”. Thanks a lot Miro!

KORNI GRUPA, Bube, 1970

KORNI GRUPA, Neko Spava Pored Mene, 1970