SPIEGELSPLITTER, Spiegelsplitterspitz, 1981

spiegelsplitter-frontspiegelsplitter-backspiegelsplitter-labelspiegelsplitter-info1spiegelsplitter-info21spiegelsplitter-info31spiegelsplitter-info41This one I bought a while back in one of the two thrift stores in my street.

The store owners are a young couple with a child in kindergarten.


They are nice but always seem kind of irritated. As if they knew they are going to be cheated but they can`t help it. They always put the valuable records in front of the store in the 50 cents bin ( oh, they raised the prices, now it`s 1 euro) single-1-euroand the worthless mainstream stuff inside for 2 to 5 euros. Sometimes months pass where I go in and never find anything but every once in a while I get something good for cheap. I never bargain with them and always pay the price they ask.roy-deininger

German electronic Punk music from these two guys in Spiegelsplitter. Well, technically it might not be Punk Rock but it`s got some good aggressive vibe. And spitz means horny and Pillemann (fass mich an) means penis (touch me) and the songs are about just that. Penis Punk. Sexy Punk. Sexy electronic Punk from Berlin…

SPIEGELSPLITTER, Spiegelsplitterspitz, 1981

SPIEGELSPLITTER, Pillemann (fass mich an), 1981

DEBBIE NEON, Psycho Killer, 1979

I was never a big fan of the Talking Heads. They always seemed to be  a little too pretentious and serious. So this silly  cover version of their classic new wave song doesn´t sound so bad to my ears. This record is a good example of  the sell-out of new wave, but then wasn´t new wave  already the sell-out of punk?


Either way I like this German disco version of “Psycho Killer”. It´s still a weird song and Debbie Neon is trying her best to sound reasonably crazy…

DEBBIE NEON, Psycho Killer, 1979

DEBBIE NEON, Neon Lights, 1979

FANCY ROSY, Punk Police, 1977

fancy-rosy-frontfancy-rosy-backfancy-rosy-labelIn 1977 you supposedly either liked Punk or you liked Disco, but just like Debbie Harry, Fancy Rosy liked both. On this record she is doing a Disco song on the A-side and a Punk parody on the flip.

While she might not have known exactly what she was doing, her imitation of Nina Hagen or Poly Styrene is pretty good and in the end still comes off as  more crazy than most “Punk” singers today.toilet-terror

Fancy Rosy is the world`s most successful poster-model, because her poster “Toilet Terror” was sold 3 million times. At least that`s what it says on the back of the sleeve..

FANCY ROSY, Punk Police, 1977

FANCY ROSY, I Am The Clown Of Disco Town, 1977


THE PULSATERS, Cos We´re Squatters, 1980

Berlin and especially Kreuzberg, the area where I live,  has a long history of rock`n`roll and punk rock, so I even find punk records in thrift-stores sometimes. Like this 45, a happy punk/dub ode to squatting by the Pulsaters.

In times of a world-wide financial crisis, this is a great reminder of the fact that nobody rightfully owns houses and how great it is, that some people still just take what is theirs. See also my other record about squatting in Berlin from last November.

One of the house-projects, that is currently facing eviction in Berlin, is LIEBIG 14.

Liebig forever!

THE PULSATERS, Cos We´re Squatters, 1980

THE PULSATERS, Modern Man, 1980

PRÄDIKAT WERTVOLL, Kleiner Pilot, 1980


I`m just guessing this is from 1980. It could be from 81 or 82, but somewhere in that time-slot. The time-slot is: “When we were trying to play cool, new 80s music but we still had to play with some bearded dude from the 70s”


I´m also just guessing this is from Berlin because it has the Berlin area code listed on the back. “Kleiner Pilot” is not Punk, not Power Pop, not New Wave but it`s trying very hard.

PRÄDIKAT WERTVOLL, Kleiner Pilot, 1980

SCHLAFLOSE NÄCHTE, Instandbesetzung – Ein Gespenst geht um, 1981

This first record i found yesterday in a local record-store here in Berlin Kreuzberg for 1 Euro. It`s a private pressing from 1981 and it says on the back that “This record was made by squatters for squatters” and that 2,50 German marks go directly to imprisoned squatters. If this was a Punk record it would be a classic, but because the music on this record is only normal Rock music it will probably remain obscure forever. The lyrics however are a pretty good document of the early eighties squatters movement.The chorus says:”Long hair, short hair, flipped-out! With Leather jackets, colored pants, really crazy! That`s how we go into the houses and we want to stay there. We won`t let them spoil our Fun!”

I couldn`t help humming that song all day: “Instandbesetzung-Ein Gespenst geht um”(Squatting – A ghost is about town) by SCHLAFLOSE NÄCHTE (sleepless nights). The B-side is “Schöner Wohnen” by 5 AUS 36. Five People from Kreuzberg. The cover was done by Detlef Surrey, who did quite a few squatting related comics in the early eighties.

This little book by Detlef Surrey, Fuchsi, Harald Juch and Peter Petri came out in 1981 at the height of the squatting movement. Today Detlef Surrey still works in Kreuzberg.

You can check out what he is doing now, 25 years later at surreystudio

SCHLAFLOSE NÄCHTE, Instandbesetzung – Ein Gespenst geht um, 1981

Ein kleiner, zusammengefasster, von mir auf deutsch geschriebener Text über diese Platte, erschien am 27. August 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World.

Er findet sich hier.