Swing Heil was an actual greeting used by German Swing fans in the 30´s and 40´s to mock the Nazis Sieg Heil. Only after the war was it possible to make the saying into the title of  a song. The song itself is a pretty nice cover version of  Sy Oliver´s up-tempo classic Swing High.

Du hast ja keine Ahnung (You have no idea) sung by Rita Paul is more interesting musically. It´s a swinging tune that has Rita doing some scat-style singing in German, really cool.

Rita Paul (born in Berlin December 28, 1928) was very successful in the 50´s, often appearing together with Bully Buhlan:

She played in some films and was a member of the Insulaner, a political Cabaret group. By the end of the 50´s her career was stagnating. She married a scientist and moved to the US. although she mostly resigned to being a mother and housewife she managed to appear in three US films and even recorded during that time. After returning to Germany she was unable to match her former success but continued to perform in nostalgic TV programs into the 70´s.  She still lives in Berlin.

Du hast ja keine Ahnung also appeared on the East-German, i.e. East-Berlin  Amiga label as did many of  Rita Paul´s early recordings. In the late 40´s and early 50´s the iron curtain seems to have been considerably softer.


RITA PAUL,  Du hast ja keine Ahnung, 1949