PIRRON & KNAPP, Hausmasta Rock, 1956

This is my favourite song of this week´s selection because it´s the wackiest. A parody-version of  Rock Around The Clock by Pirron & Knapp, two  Austrian comedians, sung in a Austrian dialect that is very hard to understand even for me. It´s hilarious the way they sing about how a guy  is wearing out a lot of girls dancing rock´n´roll…

I´ve been meaning to post this for a long time but I´ve always hoped to find a  sleeve for it. I´ve seen EP´s by Pirron & Knapp with cartoon sleeves and I have another one that was drawn by the German cartoonist Sepp Arnemann.

Alternatively I´ll post some close-up´s from a cartoon by Sepp Arnemann from his book “Lach mit!” (Norddeutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, 1951). The book has a foreword by famous German comedian Heinz Erhardt.

PIRRON & KNAPP, Hausmasta Rock, 1956