THE COUSINS, Hey, Mae, 1962

So far I have posted two other 45´s by the Belgian instrumental group the Cousins  here and here. You can still download most of their material from the Belgian Twist and Frit blog but just because I found this record last week here´s their slightly faster version of Rusty & Doug Kershaw´s Cajun Rockabilly classic Hey Mae.

When The Cousins Come Twistin´ In is a Twist version of  When the Saints Go Marchin´In.

THE COUSINS, Hey, Mae, 1962

THE COUSINS, When The Cousins Come Twistin´In, 1962

BUDDY MILLER, Teen Twist, 1960

I had a very busy week finishing a lettering job for a comic book, doing a record sleeve for the local band Berlinska Dróha and now I`m working on my weekly comic-strip Bigbeatland. In the middle of all of this my computer broke down completely. Thankfully it could be repaired. But that´s why I´m a little late this week….

But before I get to the music I´d like to point out that on Saturday Franky Fuzz and I are doing AUKTION/DESTRUKTION again.6.auktion-destruktion

( Also, Samstag wird nochmal versteigert und zerbrochen bevor wir in die Sommerpause gehen. Franky und ich haben wieder jede Menge Schrott und Hits und Raritäten in der Kiste. Startgebot ist  wie immer 10 Cent. Diesmal ausserdem mit dem Pop-Quiz, Olli und Mario´s beliebter Veranstaltungsreihe in der Kollage. Fürs Mitraten gibt´s immer auch kleine Preise zu gewinnen. Außerdem tritt Martin Crave auf. Ich würde mich also sehr freuen euch zu sehen…)

Two weeks ago I posted Hully Gully records , then last week it was Madison time so now finally of course here comes the mother of all dance crazes The Twist.  No need to go into Hank Ballard and Chubby Checker again but straight to the music. As in my previous posts these Twists cover a broad variety of styles: from some killer Rock`n`Roll to some that is trying very hard…

This was on one of the Las Vegas Grind comps. That pretty much describes what kind of Twist this is: RAW!  PRIMITIVE! ROCK`N`ROLL!!!

BUDDY MILLER, Teen Twist, 1960

Ilias just gave me the idea so I searched for some more Twist clips. This one has some great twist moves:

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Der Knüller Mausi Müller, 1964

mausi-muellerThe majority of German Beat songs were sung in English but as silly as most of them were,  I still like the ones best that were sung in German. For no other reason than that I like these songs very much,  here are a couple of my favorites.

Michael and the Firebirds from Cologne recorded this stormy German cover-version of Freddy Cannon`s Abigail Beecher in 1964.  Two years later their vocalist Michael Kogel hit with Los Bravos selling  over one million copies of Black Is Black world-wide.

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Der Knüller Mausi Müller, 1964

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Wir sind eine Dancing Band, 1964


THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

gloomy-moon-singersThe Gloomy Moon Singers were the house band at Berlin`s  Riverboat Club. In 1964 they came in second in a battle of the bands at the Star Club, losing the first prize to the more stylish  Lords. They recorded one more 45 for the Telefunken label before changing to simply The Gloomys, and more of a pop direction. The most famous band member of The Gloomy Moon Singers was Frank Zander, a German Pop singer who had many hits, singing novelty songs in his gruff trade-mark voice.

The song Zieht euch warm an ( dress warmly) is an advice to all teenage lovers making out at night in the parks and also a threat by the mothers and the fathers ( like prepare yourself: the trouble that your in for, once you get home) with a great trebly guitar sound…

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Wenn du willst, 1964

THE ROCKING STARS , Tina Darling, 1965

rocking-starsIn 1960 the Rocking Stars from the small town of Rastatt were probably the only  teenage amateur Rock`n`Roll group that got a chance to make records in Germany at the time. They recorded two flexi discs for the budget label Hallo and then later developed into a Beat group.

Tina Darling , a cover-version of  Shake, Rattle and Roll with German lyrics, was a minor hit at Radio Luxembourg and is featured on their CBS LP.

THE ROCKING STARS, Tina Darling, 1965

THE ROCKING STARS , Blues Stay Away From Me, 1965

THE COUSINS, Immer Überall, 1964

immer-ueberallThe Cousins were actually a Belgian instrumental group  much like the Shadows but they sing in German on these two songs so I thought it fit the theme. Das alte Haus in New Orleans is a good cover-version but the flip is actually much better. Also a cover but of what song?…

Here`s a video of them as a instrumental group:

THE COUSINS, Immer Überall, 1964

THE COUSINS, Das alte Haus in New Orleans, 1964

JO FISCHER, Sputnik Fly, 1968

This flexi disc was advertising for GASAG, the main gas company in Berlin that has been operating for 160 years.

The rock´n´roll instrumental Sputnik Fly appears on three different advertisement records that I`m going to post here. There is no group or orchestra name given, but it credits a Jo Fischer as having written the song. I couldn´t find any information at all about Jo Fischer on the Internet.

The GASAG slogan on this record is “Modern like the times we live in”, but Sputnik Fly sounds more like a left-over from the early 60`s. Oh well,  the German public was a lot slower back then…

The song is great though. Rock´n´Roll for the whole family!

JO FISCHER, Sputnik Fly, 1968

H.BENNING, Swing Low, 1968

F.KING, Beat, 1968

JO FISCHER, Schwarze Augen, 1968

MAVI ISIKLAR, Kanamam, 1965

A while ago I promised to post some more Turkish rock`n`roll. This record I bought last summer in Istanbul. I had been looking for records at previous times in Istanbul but found very little. Both songs are on a Dutch bootleg Cd that came out a while back. Great Turkish beat music that actually sounds very Turkish. Unlike, for example a lot of German beat stuff that simply imitated the British bands, this has a distinctly oriental touch, but still ROCKS!

MAVI ISIKLAR, Kanamam, 1965

MAVI ISIKLAR, Helvaci, 1965