AKIS LYMOURIS, Gloudy Sanday, 1962

While on the island another journalist from Jungle World  bought this Everybody dances the Sirtaki LP to review it in our Cyprus issue. When it was time to go back home he wanted to leave it in one of our bungalows so I had mercy with it and took it.

Most of it is pretty lame traditional Sirtaki music but I still kinda like the first and the very last songs on the LP. Especially the ultra fast Baxe Tsifliki is great for twisting. But then it gets reeeeeally fast and I guess everybody always lost their balance and that´s why it needs to be the last song…

AKIS LYMOURIS, Gloudy Sanday, 1962

AKIS LYMOURIS, Baxe Tsifliki, 1962