THE RAWS! live at the Wild at Heart, Berlin 10/15/2008

I just got back from seeing the Turkish band THE RAWS at  Berlin`s Wild at Heart last night . I had stopped going there since a certain international racist biker club started to hang out there and supply them with bouncers. This time I made an exception for the great RAWS from Istanbul. When I arrived they were already into their third song: Erkin Koray`s “Sana Bir Seyler Olmus”. YEAH!!!

They played a great set of their brand of Istanbul garage punk. I hope it`s not the last time I`ve seen them, although Turkish bands have a real hard time getting visas for other countries. I made this little video of them performing  “Geri Döndüler” a song about zombies, sung in Turkish. At 0:50,  without a word I gave the camera to my buddy A.C. , to have my hands free to rock out a bit. Let`s say, he tried to make it a little more interesting…

Next up was DEAD ELVIS AND HIS ONE MAN GRAVE. Check out his stuff! Awesome!

I also met Ronald from SQUOOGE RECORDS for the first time who has the craziest garage label at the time. Find his stuff if you can, but you have to be quick because he has very small press runs of most of his releases. THE RAWS had already sold out their share of records the second day into their tour. I hope he sends me their 45. I think I really need it…

These photos were done by Franz von Bodelschwingh who I got to know at the show. Thanks Franz!

He is a professional photographer from my hometown Hamburg, who lives in Istanbul right now and that`s where he got to be friends with THE RAWS. Check out his cool website