MAX WOISKI UND SEINE BAND , Calypso Nescafe, 1959

A very thin flexible disc with a nice Calypso song advertising for Nescafé sung in German with a thick Dutch accent. Max Woiski sr. (1911-1981) was born in Suriname, in the Dutch Colonies north of Brasil and had a long career in Holland. He started playing Latin-American music in Amsterdam in the 30´s and even opened up his own club La Cubana. calypso-nescafe-detail

I bet Stefan has a sleeve for this one too…

(Update July 3, 2009: As I suspected Stefan indeed had the sleeve and sent it in. Thank you!)nescafe-detail-2


Stefan also sent this sleeve for another Max Woiski record on a Dutch label. Haven´t heard it but it looks very promising.

Bongo, Bongo, Bongo I don´t wanna leave the Kongo…max-woiski-bongomax-woiski


OSCAR HARRIS AND THE TWINKLE STARS, Whole lot of dances, 1966

Just a short post this week because I was occupied with a new blog I`ve been doing. It`s a little esoteric in nature but so is this blog, so if you are a bit open minded you might want to check out Berlin DIY HC Punk.

On to the music. When I bought this record, I didn`t know what it was, and when I listened to it at home, the Twinkle Stars brand of soul music sounded really cool, but still made me curious. This was not the usual Northern Soul sound.

After a little investigation it turns out Oscar Harris is from Suriname, South America. Oscar Harris was born in Suriname in 1943 and came to Holland when he was 20 years old. He had a long career in Holland and still performs today.

Either way, some nice soul music from Holland via Suriname from Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars!

OSCAR HARRIS AND THE TWINKLE STARS, Whole lot of dances, 1966

OSCAR HARRIS AND THE TWINKLE STARS, I`ve got witnesses, 1966