MARINO MARINI, Caffettiera Twist, 1961

marino-marini-frontmarino-marini-backmarino-marini-labelMy girlfriend gave me this record for my birthday 10 years ago when I was obsessed with collecting the Twist. She had actually made a trip to a specialist record shop and asked for a Twist record.

Caffeteria Twist is a cover-version of Randy Randolph´s 1958 saxophone-instrumental hit record  Percolator. The b-side Mille Luci is my favourite song of all of these songs. I know I´ll be pretty alone with that feeling because it is also the least rockin´one but that song makes me dream of scooters, ice-cream parlors and everything 60´s in Bella Italiacaffeteria-twist

MARINO MARINI, Caffettiera Twist, 1961

MARINO MARINI, Mille Luci, 1961

In his comment below Ilias just sent these links to some beautiful clips from European films that feature the Twist. The first one is from the Italian film Il Sorpasso directed by Dino Risi starring Vittorio Gassman:

This one is  from the Greek film O kyrios Pterarhos (Mr Wing-commander) from 1963. The guy dressed in the Greek Air Force uniform who is dancing with the charming lady is Thanos Souyioul (son of the very famous Greek songwriter Mihalis Souyioul) who died very untimely few years later in a car accident.

Great choices! Thanks a lot Ilias!