BERNHARD FRANK, Lichtspielhaus, 1968

lichtspielhaus-frontlichtspielhaus-backlichtspielhaus-labelI´m a little late again because I´m still worn-out from last week´s Comics-Festival in Munich. As usual it was a blast! It´s always great to meet all the other cartoonists and of course the readers of my comics. Some even follow this blog, like Robert from Stuttgart. Guess what he gave me? Another Bernhard Frank single! Robert bought it at a flea-market and didn´t even like it that much. Thanks a lot Robert!bernhard-frank

I think it´s a great record! Amazingly the guy only wrote great songs!!! This one is a little more on the Pop side but still the Rocker shines through on both songs. Lichtspielhaus is about going to the movies with your lover. A great rockin´ up-tempo Pop song.

I think I like the b-side even a little bit better. A mid-tempo song with a big Beatles influence. Rote Segel (im Sonnenuntergang) translates to Red Sails In The Sunset but it´s a completely different song. Much better than the famous one. Beautiful. I love it!

By the way,  if you like these songs, Michael over at the (60´s)Mostly Uncomped Blog just made another nice Beat compilation including the other Bernhard Frank songs I posted here and here.  You can download the whole package and a bunch more he collected easily with a mouseclick. Good job, Michael!

So apparently Bernhard Frank got a break with Philips but so far I couldn´t find out anything about him. I`m sure sooner or later some information about him will surface. This is great stuff!!!

BERNHARD FRANK, Lichtspielhaus, 1968

BERNHARD FRANK, Rote Segel, 1968

BERNHARD FRANK, Ich lieb dich Baby, 1964

musterplatteWhile I was in the basement sorting out records to take to the flea-market or use for Auktion/Destruktion I found this record. I think it was in a bunch of records a girl  gave me last year while I was “dj-ing”( does playing records on a battery-run miniature record player in a gallery/library count as dj-ing?) . She said: maybe you can use them, I don`t have a record player anyway. But I never listened to this one until last week when I took it upstairs to our appartement. And then I recognized the B. Frank! That must be the same Bernhard Frank that I posted three weeks ago! At least it sounds very similar. Again my search for Bernhard Frank on the internet has not been successful.

If this was only a test-pressing or also got a proper release I don`t know.  It`s likely that Decca felt that they already had Drafi Deutscher and so already had this area covered. But Bernhard Frank should have gotten a chance: these are great catchy Beat songs, obviously very much influenced by the Beatles…

BERNHARD FRANK, Ich lieb dich Baby, 1964

BERNHARD FRANK, Was ist mit Dir gescheh´n ?, 1964

DIE GOLD DOLLAR CREW, Alles klar (Der Gold Dollar Filter Shanty), 1979

Don`t download this. You don`t even need to listen to it.  I just add this because it ties in nicely with the Cigarettes & Alcohol-

theme. It`s garbage. Unless you`re into Dixieland Jazz or the Northern-German Shanty-singing style. And even then it might still be garbage.

This flexi-disc advertised for Gold Dollar cigarettes but you could also win a bottle of Morgan Rum in a rhyme-contest. Sung to the tune of My Bonnie, that even the Beatles covered on their first single. Still, don`t listen to it…

DIE GOLD DOLLAR CREW, Alles Klar (Der Gold Dollar Filter Shanty), 1979

LOS SIREX, Quiero ser dichoso, 1964

Four cover songs on this Ep, all sung in Spanish: “Si tuviera un martillo”( “If I had a hammer”)by TRINI LOPEZ, a great raw version  of “Nobody but you” by THE LAFAYETTES, “Quiero ser dichoso”(“Glad all over”) by THE DAVE CLARK FIVE and “Please, please me” by THE BEATLES.

I added a nice page and the beautiful gouache cover of a Spanish  ROMANTICA girl`s magazine from 1963.

LOS SIREX, Si tuviera un martillo, 1964

LOS SIREX, Nobody but you, 1964

LOS SIREX, Quiero ser dichoso, 1964

LOS SIREX, Please Please me, 1964

CAHIT OBEN, Makaram Sari Baglar, 1965

This is a  Turkish beat record with a great guitar. It didn`t have the original sleeve so I`ll add a cartoon that I found in a Turkish satire magazine from 1966. Actually I looked through whole stacks of magazines in a used book store in Istanbul to find some rock`n`roll related cartoons. This is from the “Akbaba” magazine. By the mid-60s rock`n`roll had reached not only Turkey but also Eastern Europe, even Russia. Below the cartoon it says: ” The Beatles fashion has reached the iron curtain.”

“Marx has lost!”

CAHIT OBEN, Makaram Sari Baglar, 1965

CAHIT OBEN, Halime, 1965

Tempo EP 10416


This four song EP has cover versions of “Wooly Bully” originally recorded by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, “Tossing and Turning” by the Ivy League,”Help” by the Beatles and “Mr. Tambourine Man” by the Byrds. With names like “King Suez” for Sam the Sham and “The Stars” for the Beatles the producers were not terribly creative but I guess teenagers got the idea.


RED COOK, Tossing and Turning


THE GAMBLERS, Mr. Tambourine Man

ALF NEWMAN, It`s A Gas & Let`s Do The Fink, 1966

My girlfriend fished this out of a dusty box on one of the rare occasions that we went to a flea market together some years ago. I think both sides are on “Las Vegas Grind” or some other Crypt compilation.

This is the German pressing from 1966 on Golden 12 records. Pretty strange drawing of Alfred E. Newman on the sleeve. Obviously the artist wasn`t familiar with MAD magazine. “It`s a Gas” is a childish twist song interrupted by burping noises. Must have driven the parents nuts to hear it from their kids rooms over and over again…


(UPDATE o9/04/ 2009:  During our recent stay in the US, I  found a copy of  the issue of  MAD magazine  that “It´s a Gas” originally appeared in, at a cool new comic book store calleed Desert Island in Brooklyn. The flexible cardboard record was missing, but it would have been much more expensive with it than the 4 dollars I paid.  Painted in watercolor by Norman Mingo, the long-time Mad illustrator who invented the image of Alfred E. Newman.)


ALF NEWMAN, It`s A Gas, 1966

ALF NEWMAN, Let`s Do The Fink, 1966