THE COUSINS, Immer Überall, 1964

immer-ueberallThe Cousins were actually a Belgian instrumental group  much like the Shadows but they sing in German on these two songs so I thought it fit the theme. Das alte Haus in New Orleans is a good cover-version but the flip is actually much better. Also a cover but of what song?…

Here`s a video of them as a instrumental group:

THE COUSINS, Immer Überall, 1964

THE COUSINS, Das alte Haus in New Orleans, 1964

W.JUNG, My Bonnie, 1968

hot-beat-frontblues-dixie-backhot-beatblues-dixie Just like on the GASAG record the songs  on this one are not credited to any real  artists or groups.  The producers of this record didn`t even bother to give the songs proper titles but only called them: Blues, Beat, Dixie and Sputnik Fly is now simply called Hot.

Also hidden on this  picture-disc, advertising for the United Silk-Weaving Mills of Krefeld, is a solid instrumental version of  My Bonnie wrongly titled Beat. Unlike last weeks version this one, played by a mystery Beat-group, is good. It starts just like the Beatles version but then goes into a stormy Shadows-style Rock`n`Roll instrumental…

W.JUNG, Beat, 1968

JO FISCHER, Hot, 1968

K.KÖNIG, Blues, 1968

IGOR ROSENAU, Dixie, 1968

SILUETLER, Sis, 1965

Another “Altin Mikrofon” (the golden microphone) release. As far as I know “Altin Mikrofon” was a talent show that got the winners a record deal. “Siluetler” were obviously heavily inspired by the “Shadows”, like most European instrumental bands of the early 60s. Again “Siluetler” managed to give their version of that sound a special Turkish twist. Great rock`n`roll!

SILUETLER, Sis, 1965

SILUETLER, Kasik havasi, 1965

FRITZ WOELFFER and his Guitar, County

Another record that I have no clue about, but that´s why I picked it up. I had never seen the date label and the titles sounded promising. And because it was only 50 cents in one of the thrift stores that I check every week here in my area.

The two songs are solid instrumental Rock´n´Roll in the European Easy-Listening style of the Spotnicks, the Shadows or Jorgen Ingmann. Sadly, the first 10 seconds on the A-Side Indio are pretty scratched up, to the point of being unlistenable. I`m putting the song here anyway. Until I find a better copy…

When I came home, I checked the Internet, but there is nothing on Fritz Woelffer (or Wölffer) apart from a Fritz Woelffer who played guitar on a East-German Jazz record in the late 40s. Is that the same Woelffer? And why are the titles and his name written in English on this record? Even the name of the label is English. Very unusual for a German release of that time…

From my recent experiences I know, that just because there is no information in the computer world, doesn`t mean that there is no information OUT THERE in the real world. Sometimes you just have to be a little patient…

This 45 was published in West-Berlin by the music-publisher Albert Bennefeld. From the look of the record, in the early 60s.

FRITZ WOELFFER and his Guitar, County

FRITZ WOELFFER and his Guitar, Indio

Today I found these postcards. I think that they fit with the time this record came out.

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Big Beat Twist & Bile Skaly, 1963


These two songs are more closer to “The Shadows” , a group that was very influential in Eastern Europe (and Southeast Asia) in the early 1960s. Still, the playing is more technical and a little less serious. A hint of a Joe Meek influence maybe…

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Big Beat Twist, 1961

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Bile Skaly, 1963

BEAT FOR YOU, Quartermaster + Bavarian Style, 1967


Another political record . Well, as political as a instrumental Rock`n`Roll record gets. This one was a promotional flexible record for the FDP party ( Freie Demokratische Partei- the Liberals) and came out on the small, local Budget-Label “Rondo”. It was targeted at young Berliners who were called to vote on March 12th 1967. At the time the FDP were ruling together with the Social-Derondo-beat-for-you.jpgmocrats, the SPD. I don`t know anything about the “Band” who played on the record or who did the cover. It`s highly unlikely that this piece of Ersatz-Beat convinced anybody, let alone real Beat Fans to vote for the FDP. After all, it was 1967 and this is not Street Fighting Man. Still, 40 years later i enjoy the nice, sloppy instrumental Rock`n`Roll of this mystery group. “The Quartermaster” is of course a cover of the Shadows “Quartermaster`s Stores”.

BEAT FOR YOU, Quartermaster, 1967

BEAT FOR YOU, Bavarian Style , 1967