CLUB ENSEMBLE, Tip-Top-Slop, 1963

club-ensemble-frontclub-ensemble-backclub-ensemble-labelI don´t know anything about this Hungarian ensemble, not even if they really were from Hungary. But actually there´s not much to know. club-ensemble-details

Tip-Top-Slop is a pretty standard semi-Rock´n´Roll instrumental played by a studio group. But both these songs are not bad. Not great but not bad. People obsess over much worse music nowadays. And at least you have never heard these tunes before in your life…

CLUB ENSEMBLE, Tip-Top-Slop, 1963

CLUB ENSEMBLE, At the Jenka Show, 1963

PETE MARCEL, Sloppy-Twist-A-Fish, 1961

juke-box-frontjuke-box-backjuke-box-labelThis MUST have been re-released by someone but I couldn`t find anything. I bought this Swedish EP in Prague a couple of years ago while I was looking for Supraphon 45´s. I have a bunch of great Czechoslovakian and Polish Twist records that I will post some other time because this is already getting a bit too long.  Whenever I post  more than a few records the downloads seem to go down anyway. Last week´s top download (62) was the opening post The Madison by Al Brown and his Tunetoppers followed closely(55) by the Bulgarian Madison 5 by the Studio 5.sloppy

But Sloppy really is a great Twist song! Don´t miss this…

PETE MARCEL, Sloppy-Twist-A-Fish, 1961