SUSI DORÉE, Ich geh ohne, 1964

alle-maedchen-frontalle-maedchen-backalle-maedchen-labelalle-maedchen-label-2Susi Dorée is a local Berlin singer who , together with  the Blue Cellar Combo, was a staple at the famous Berlin Riverboat, one of the biggest European dance clubs in the early to mid 60´s.

She also recorded the first German cover version of Little Eva´s Locomotion, Schokoladeneis, for  CBS. In the mid-60´Susi Dorée did a lot of studio work, recording cover versions of hit records for  German budget labels tip and Baccarola.

(from Billboard magazine Jan.16, 1965)

Ich geh ohne (I´m going without), recorded for the local independent  Monopol label and written by Will Meisel, is another tongue-in-cheek take on the Minikini/No Bikini fad of 1964 (that I´ve posted here, here and here) suggesting she´s going “without a bra”.

It turns out that Susi´s not going out of the house without her “boyfriend Jack”…

SUSI DORÉE, Ich geh´ ohne, 1964

SUSI DORÉE, Das wissen alle Mädchen, 1964

THE COUSINS, Hey, Mae, 1962

So far I have posted two other 45´s by the Belgian instrumental group the Cousins  here and here. You can still download most of their material from the Belgian Twist and Frit blog but just because I found this record last week here´s their slightly faster version of Rusty & Doug Kershaw´s Cajun Rockabilly classic Hey Mae.

When The Cousins Come Twistin´ In is a Twist version of  When the Saints Go Marchin´In.

THE COUSINS, Hey, Mae, 1962

THE COUSINS, When The Cousins Come Twistin´In, 1962

AL HENDERSON, Lemon Twist, 1962

Al Henderson, born in Owensboro, Kentucky, recorded a fine Rock´n´Roll 45 (Ding Dong Dandy/Mary Jane) for East-West in 1958, recorded with Boyd Bennett‘s Rockets in 1960 and another record for King in 1963. all-star-dairies

This record was issued by All Star Dairies to promote the Lemon Twist Ice Cream. Lemon Twist is a pretty average take on Let´s Twist Again but All Star Boy is a fine rocker with a nice guitar break.

Plus this little fella is makin my mouth water. I wish I had some  All Star Ice Cream right now.  The company still operates today though…

AL HENDERSON, Lemon Twist, 1962

AL HENDERSON, All Star Boy, 1962


bb mark richards 2 I´m on vacation right now so this week fellow record collector Stefan is filling in for me. He collects mostly German advertisement records and has donated missing sleeves of records I posted a few times over the last weeks. He made quite an effort to scan the records, digitize the music and write these posts. I hope you enjoy his selections as much as I do. So please feel free to comment if you download his music. It would be a small gratification for his work.  I now leave you with Stefan:

When it comes to the TWIST  I ´m not an expert like Andreas is. But every 45 collector should at least have a couple of Twist records in his record cabinet, or rather in his record-ALBUM. Dance records were used for parties and to carry them you needed a record album or a box. The pretty designs of these albums made it easy to leave the picture sleeves at home. In order for the record to find its way back to its owner after the party, it was common to put a name or a sticker (on the black labels) on them. Of course today most of those party records are visually and audibly in quite a different condition than the MINT material that makes for sleepless collector´s mark richards 3

But they ´re HOT TUNES!



(Ich bin ja im Gegensatz zu Dir kein Spezialist, was den TWIST angeht. Aber jeder Singlesammler wird zumindest ein paar wenige Twist-Scheiben im Schrank haben, oder besser: im ALBUM. Nachdem die tanzbaren Sachen gerne bei Partys aufgelegt wurden und man die dann auch zu solchen mitnahm, bot sich ein Album oder Köfferchen zum Transport an. Auf eine Bildhülle konnte man dank der vielen hübschen Albenmotive daher meist verzichten. Daß die Single wieder nach der Party den richtigen Besitzer fand, war es üblich, auf dem Label Namen oder Sticker (bei schwarzen Labels) anzubringen.
Derart partytaugliche Platten befinden sich natürlich in sichtlich und hörbar anderem Zustand wie das MINT-Material schlafloser Plattensammlernächte. Aber: Heiße Nummern !)

mark-richards-frontmark-richards-backmark-richards-labelBecause Hans from Holland wanted to hear it and because it fits the gap, here´s another record by Marc Richards and the Silver Keys. I don´t know anything about him but this French EP seems like another typical record that was trying to cash-in on the Twist craze. There is a a vocal-group style song, another that sounds more like Sam Cooke and two straight Twist numbers.mark-richards-detail

But its all great black Rock´n´Roll!!!

MARK RICHARDS &  THE SILVER KEYS, My Baby Couldn´t Dance, 1962



MARK RICHARDS & THE SILVER KEYS, I just couldn´t Take It, 1962

les-guitares-du-diableNow if only one of you had this little French record by LES GUITARES DU DIABLE that is displayed on the back of the sleeve. I sure would like to listen to that…

DIE KESSLER-ZWILLINGE, Schotten Twist, 1962

bb schotten 1bb schotten 3To increase the sale of pantyhose in the early 60´s, the German “nur die”-brand had a record pressed onto the box itself. To play the record you had to cut it out of the cardboard.

The listening pleasure is  narrowed by a silly anouncement that cuts half-way into the song- common practice for advertisement records of the period- after all consumers were supposed to not only buy nylons but also real records.

bb schotten 2

The Kessler Twins were a popular German duo who were not only famous for their singing but also for their long legs. They were incredible dancers and they also did the TWIST. With two different backgrounds even – cheers to the sky of Scotland!

Lill Babs was a Swedish pop singer who had a short career in Germany. At least she left this fab piece of cardboard before going back home…

DIE KESSLER-ZWILLINGE, Schotten Twist, 1962

LILL BABS, Blue Boy, 1962

(Um den Verkauf von Feinstrumpfhosen in den frühen 60ern anzukurbeln, hatte “nur die” auf die Verkaufsverpackung Schallpatten aus Pappe drucken lassen, die dann auch gerne gekauft und ausgeschnitten wurden. Der Klang ist natürlich von Hintergrundrauschen geprägt. Das Hörvergnügen wird zudem dadurch geschmälert, daß mitten in den Song ein alberner Werbetext reinplatzt – diese Unsitte ist für Werbesingles dieser Ära Standard – schließlich sollten die Konsument(innen) ja außer den Strumpfhosen auch noch “richtige” Schallplatten kaufen.

Die KESSLER-ZWILLINGE Alice und Ellen muß man ja nicht extra vorstellen, sie waren ein internationales Aushängeschild für das saubere Image des deutschen Showgeschäfts. Und auch TWIST gehörte dazu ! Mit zwei verschiedenen Hintergründen – da geht der Himmel über Schottland auf !
LILL BABS war eine der vielen Gastarbeiterinnen im deutschen Schlagerbusiness. Die talentierte Schwedin zog sich aber schon bald wieder in ihre Heimat zurück … und hat immerhin diese tolle Pappe dagelassen …

-Anmerkung: Die dritte Platte aus dieser Serie mit Fred Bertelmann fällt optisch und musikalisch deutlich ab (ich habe sie unausgeschnitten auf meiner myspace-Seite). Kann man sich schenken.)

EMIL DIMITROV, Signal, 1964

emil-frontemil-backemil-labelThis  is a Bulgarian 45 by Emil Dimitrov. Signal was Dimitrov´s  first hit, a Twist song with a slow spoken introduction that goes into the typical fast little nervous twistin´style that was popular all over Europe. emil-detail

So let´s twist the Bulgarian Twist!

EMIL DIMITROV, Signal, 1964

EMIL DIMITROV, Alo Mademoasel, 1964

BUDDY MILLER, Teen Twist, 1960

I had a very busy week finishing a lettering job for a comic book, doing a record sleeve for the local band Berlinska Dróha and now I`m working on my weekly comic-strip Bigbeatland. In the middle of all of this my computer broke down completely. Thankfully it could be repaired. But that´s why I´m a little late this week….

But before I get to the music I´d like to point out that on Saturday Franky Fuzz and I are doing AUKTION/DESTRUKTION again.6.auktion-destruktion

( Also, Samstag wird nochmal versteigert und zerbrochen bevor wir in die Sommerpause gehen. Franky und ich haben wieder jede Menge Schrott und Hits und Raritäten in der Kiste. Startgebot ist  wie immer 10 Cent. Diesmal ausserdem mit dem Pop-Quiz, Olli und Mario´s beliebter Veranstaltungsreihe in der Kollage. Fürs Mitraten gibt´s immer auch kleine Preise zu gewinnen. Außerdem tritt Martin Crave auf. Ich würde mich also sehr freuen euch zu sehen…)

Two weeks ago I posted Hully Gully records , then last week it was Madison time so now finally of course here comes the mother of all dance crazes The Twist.  No need to go into Hank Ballard and Chubby Checker again but straight to the music. As in my previous posts these Twists cover a broad variety of styles: from some killer Rock`n`Roll to some that is trying very hard…

This was on one of the Las Vegas Grind comps. That pretty much describes what kind of Twist this is: RAW!  PRIMITIVE! ROCK`N`ROLL!!!

BUDDY MILLER, Teen Twist, 1960

Ilias just gave me the idea so I searched for some more Twist clips. This one has some great twist moves:

ORLIE AND THE SAINTS, Detroit Twist And Freeze, 1961

Again Detroit Twist and Freeze was on  Twistin´Time Vol.1. I didn´t check if any of these other songs were on some obscure bootlegs that only a handful of  hipsters got a hold of.  If you know this song already just scroll further down. I bet there is some stuff here that nobody ever dared to re-release…

I got this at a record fair here in Berlin from a Dutch seller. The b-side  King Kong is great too. Listen to the lyrics. Impossible that this would go over today…

ORLIE AND THE SAINTS, Detroit Twist And Freeze, 1961


Watch this, there are some amazing dance moves in this one: