THEO-SCHUMANN-COMBO,Freier Sonnabend,1967

Just because it fits the bill of Jim Flora rip-offs, I`m including this Theo Schumann 45. I´m not even sure who ripped off who, in this case. This East German cover drawing definitely is a direct swipe of one of the drawings on “Ein Cocktail guter Laune”(see previous post). Then again considering, that they swiped from Jim Flora…

Theo Schumann is well known for being the only East German band that was allowed to record a number of singles and three LPs of instrumental Rock and Beat in the late 60s/ early 70s. Pretty tame stuff that was no threat to the communist powers. Their music had a charm that was lost on the beat fans of the day. I like it a lot.

I´m including this cover only because it´s further evidence of this style swiping.

Theo Schumanns stuff was re-released a number of times. Bertelsmann owns the Amiga catalogue nowadays so it should be easy to find his music. It´s worth checking out…


THEO-SCHUMANN-COMBO,Freier Sonnabend,1967