MIROSLAV KEFURT, Pomegranate, 1961

Miroslav Kefurt was a guitarist from Czechoslovakia who recorded with a number of pop artists in the 1960s. By strict rock´n´roll standards his guitar playing might seem pretty tame, but I don`t care about any standards. I like his style. A technical, jazz-inspired, guitar playing style very similar to Les Paul´s. It seems that, apart from a couple of songs on various compilations, there has been no full retrospective of his work.  Supraphon, a record company that still exists, should really take care of that. Not much information about his life was to be found either, so I´m not trying a full portrait here. Maybe Lukas will do that sometime on his “Funky Czech-In”-Blog.

In the meantime I`ll leave you with the music…

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Pomegranate, 1961

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Big Beat Twist & Bile Skaly, 1963


These two songs are more closer to “The Shadows” , a group that was very influential in Eastern Europe (and Southeast Asia) in the early 1960s. Still, the playing is more technical and a little less serious. A hint of a Joe Meek influence maybe…

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Big Beat Twist, 1961

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Bile Skaly, 1963

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Midnight Boogie, 1963

“Midnight Boogie” is a easygoing Jazz-tinged Rock`n`Roll instrumental.

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Midnight Boogie, 1963

DIETER RESCH, Kahlenbergerdörfl-Twist, 1963

Dieter Resch was the East-German Miroslav Kefurt, in that he also played in the technical trick guitar style. He recorded about a dozen of sides under his own name but besides that he had been a full member of the Kurt Henkels/Walter Eichenberg Tanzorchester Leipzig since 1955. I could not find out much about his life so his music will have to do. Amiga/Sony should check with their back catalog. Dieter Resch sure is an artist who deserves to be reissued.

DIETER RESCH, Kahlenbergerdörfl-Twist, 1963

DIETER RESCH, Gitarren, Sonne und Meer

“Guitarren, Sonne und Meer” has a Hawaiian feel to it. It´s similar to what Les Paul was doing. I think this is a perfect “Trick Guitar” track. I don`t know how he did it. It sounds like he used some overdubbing or multitrack recording.

But wouldn´t that be cheating?

DIETER RESCH, Gitarren, Sonne und Meer

PINO GUERRA, Guitar Twist, 1961

Not a German record but one that i found in a nearby thrift store. I don`t know anything about Pino Guerra . The only information i could find, was a Guitar-learning Instruction-book on ebay. From the sound of this, he was the Italian Jorgen Ingman. Not exactly Jimmy Bryant, but playing “Trick-guitar”, European style.


“Guitar Twist” is a pretty standard instrumental-twist song, but I just like this guitar style very much.

I will post stuff by Miroslav Kefurt and Dieter Resch (the Czechoslovak and East-German exponents of that style) in the future. No information whatsoever about the “artist” who did the cover-drawing.

PINO GUERRA, Guitar Twist, 1961