NOONEY RICKETT 4 & JONI LYMAN, Do the Ski with me, 1965

winter-a-go-go-frontwinter-a-go-go-backwinter-a-go-go-label Of all places, I found this soundtrack to the film “Winter-A-Go-Go” nine years ago in Thailand. It has a green stamp with some Thai writing on the sleeve.

Sadly the record didn`t take too well to the Asian humidity, so the record and the jacket are not in good condition but the sound files should be listenable.go-go

The music is like surf music only the lyrics center around skiing instead of surfing.  The title track “Winter-A-Go-Go” is performed by the Hondells.

So let`s go-go in the snow-snow…

NOONEY RICKETT 4 & JONI LYMAN, Do the Ski with me, 1965

JONI LYMAN, King of the mountain, 1965

THE REFLECTIONS, I`m sweet on you, 1965

THE HONDELLS, Winter-a-go-go, 1965

THE NOONEY RICKETT 4, Ski City, 1965

JAMES STACY, Hip square dance, 1965