Berlin Beatet Bestes zu Gast bei Hidden Tracks

hd-bbbGleich von 22 bis 23 Uhr bin ich zum zweiten Mal Studiogast bei Kai Bempreikszs Hidden Tracks auf Byte FM. Wir quatschen über seltsame deutsche Platten und hören uns die Berlin Beatet Bestes “Top-Hits” des vergangenen Jahrs an.

Ab 22 Uhr zu hören bei Byte FM hier.



“Berlin Beatet Bestes” on Byte FM´s “Hidden Tracks”

12xBBB-SinglesLast month I was invited to the HIDDEN TRACKS radio show. Host Kai Bempreiksz let me play and talk about some of my favorite songs that I presented here on this blog in the past years.

The show airs tonight from 10:00 to 10:30 on ByteFM.

Listen to HIDDEN TRACKS here!




OUTSIDE TURN – Berlin Swing Radio Show #33

Outside-Turn-No.33-recordsLast week, Jörg and I did another one of our monthly OUTSIDE TURN radio shows on Pi-Radio. We played our usual mix of swingin´ jazz tunes and talked about the current swing dancing scene.



1. BOURBON SKIFFLE COMPANY & HOT PEPPER ORCHESTRA, Ei Else (I Can´t Give You Anything But Love), 1975
3. STUFF SMITH, Ain´t She Sweet, 1966
4. ELLA FITZGERALD, These Boots Are Made For Walkin´, 1966
5. KITTY,DAISY & LEWIS, It Ain´t Your Business, 2015
6. FLOYD DIXON & HIS BAND, Hey Bartender, 1954
7. TEVLIN SWING, When I Get Low I Get High, 2013
8. B.K. ANDERSON, The Minimum Wage, 1962
9. DINAMIT DUO, Honeybear Swing, 2015
11. BILLIE HOLIDAY, Any Old Time, 1934
12. UDO JÜRGENS, Swing Am Abend, 1959
13. GEORGIA WASHBOARD STOMPERS, Chasing Shadows, 1935
14. LOUIS ARMSTRONG, I´m A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas), 1930
15. McKINNEY´S COTTON PICKERS, If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight, 1930
16. MUGSY SPANIER, (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue, 1939
17. MANFRED KRUG & USCHI BRÜNING, Wenn ich dich seh´, 2014
18. CARELESS CATS, No Love, 2015
19. JACK TEAGARDEN, Ever Lovin´ Baby, 1960
20. THE SWAN SILVERSTONES, End Of My Journey, 1959