DIE LUCKY STARS, Ananas, 1961

“I don´t want bananas and I don´t want oranges. All I wish for is pineapples. It is a treat, almost as sweet as a kiss. From morning to night,  all I want is pinapples, pineapples, pineapples.”

Exotic fruit like pineapple (Ananas) was  still a big deal in 1961 in Germany so it was only logical to have the Lucky Stars dedicate a whole song to this new sensation.  I couldn´t find any information about these girls or about the original version of the song.  Is it  Phil Harvey´s Willy Boy song recorded by Phil Spector for Imperial in 1959?

All I know is that if I would be in advertising today and needed a song to sell pineapple,  I´d use this one…

DIE LUCKY STARS, Ananas, 1961

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