EDDIE RUSSELL, Stalin og Truman og Churchill og mig, 1945

Last year I found a whole bunch of Danish 78s in a local thrift store and then already posted Eddie Russell´s version of “Blazin´ The Trail”. Eddie Russell (1908-86) was a popular Danish singer from the 40s to the 70s and recorded over 400 sides. Sadly only a handful of these have ever been been reissued. I found a few Youtube videos of his 78s playing and one CD of what sounded like his 60s material. But no Eddie Russell on Wikipedia, Discogs or any other fan site.

Now here´s another Stalin related record from the same bunch of Danish 78s that I found last year, like the majority of the them, issued by the Tono label, the most important Danish record label until the late 50s. “Stalin og Truman og Churchill og mig” (Stalin and Truman and Churchill and me) was recorded most probably right after the Allied Liberation of Denmark in the summer of 1945.

Two cheerful tunes that celebrate the fact that Denmark finally got rid of the fascists….

EDDIE RUSSELL, Stalin og Truman og Churchill og mig, 1945

EDDIE RUSSELL, Velkommen, Englands Sonner, 1945

EDDIE RUSSELL, Cowboyens Sang, 1947

For some reason the trift store, where I bought most of the 78rpm records, also had a lot of Danish records. Out of curiosity I bought a bunch of them, but most of them turned out to be pretty boring.

Not this one. Although sung in Danish, and nowhere as fast as the original “Blazin´The Trail To My Home” written by Teddy Powell and recorded in 1945 by Gene Autry, Eddie Russell´s version is a pretty close approximation of American western swing music. Or at least much closer than every German Cowboy song I have ever heard.

Now if I only found a cheap way of getting rid of the awful clicks and hisses. This record cost 50 cents.

EDDIE RUSSELL, Cowboyens Sang, 1949

EDDIE RUSSELL, The Last Round-Up, 1949

VALDEMAR DAVIDS, Managua Nicaragua, 1947

Managua, Nicaragua was first recorded by Freddy Martin´s orchestra and reached #1 on the Billboard charts in 1947. Rita Paul, backed by Walter Dobschinski and his Swingband, did a version sung in English for the Amiga label in 1948. I love Rita Paul but this Danish version, sung by Valdemar Davids, is much better. Danish just sounds much funnier and the fast swinging groove gets me on my feet every time.

VALDEMAR DAVIDS, Managua, Nicaragua, 1947

This is a Wikipedia photo of Danish bandleader Teddy Petersen (1892-1991) and his orchestra, probably at restaurant Wivex at Tivoli in Copenhagen in 1941. Petersen is standing to the far left with violin.

Teddy Petersen also appears in this 1941 film. The showgirls in the silky hot pants arguing with the lady toward the end of the film almost made me pee my pants:

Just for comparison, this is Freddy Martin´s original version of  Managua, Nicaragua:


BOYD BACHMANN, Die Omama aus Omaha, 1970

By 1970 Boyd Bachmann, the handsome former Danish king of swing, had fully transformed into a wacky old comedian. He even appeared in a major advertising campaign in movie theatres, selling Langnese ice cream. A picture of him holding a Langnese ice cream box miraculosly even made it onto this record sleeve.

Omama aus Omaha (The grandma from Omaha) is counting all the things that were bought from the inheritance of the grandma from Omaha in the U.S.Ahhh.: Bubblegum, a blue whig, a musical clock, a Mickey Mouse, a lady´s Colt with a handle made of gold, a cowboy hat made in Hollywood and a motor-driven Whiskey bottle opener:

BOYD BACHMANN, Die Omama aus Omaha, 1970

Willst Du, oder willst Du nicht? is another suggestive song. Do you want or not?, Boyd is innocently asking, but then answers himself: whatever you like, I´ll have ice cream. But at night I´ll be a torero, a Pied Piper, a balladeer, a Mexican or an Indian. In your dreams…

BOYD BACHMANN, Willst Du, oder willst Du nicht?, 1970

THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963

The Danish Sharks and  Sir Henry and his Butlers, another Danish group who the Sharks cover here, might not be remembered by everybody. But the clapping in this song BAM-BAM, BA-BA-BAM, BA-BA-BA-BAM  and the shout “LET`S GO” can still be heard in the Football stadiums throughout Europe.

THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963


Ilias from Athens just mentioned it in his comment below so I thought it fitting to show this video here too.

Singer Aliki Vougiouklaki dancing and singing the Hully Gully in a Greek film from 1964:

I hope I`m not making it too difficult to make this site appear but I`m having fun right now and I`d like everybody to see this other video too that Ilias sent me a link of. Three goofy Greek guys singing Cin Cin in Greek and a very sexy Aliki Vougiouklaki making another appearance! It´s  hilarious!

Thanks alot Ilias!