EMIL DIMITROV, Signal, 1964

emil-frontemil-backemil-labelThis  is a Bulgarian 45 by Emil Dimitrov. Signal was Dimitrov´s  first hit, a Twist song with a slow spoken introduction that goes into the typical fast little nervous twistin´style that was popular all over Europe. emil-detail

So let´s twist the Bulgarian Twist!

EMIL DIMITROV, Signal, 1964

EMIL DIMITROV, Alo Mademoasel, 1964


sreburnite-grivni-frontsreburnite-grivni-backsreburnite-grivni-labelbeatles-bulgariaSreburnite Grivni (The Siver Bracelets) were a popular Bulgarian Beat sreburnite-grivni-detailgroup. Here they cover Na-Na-Hey-Hey, the 1970 hit song by the German prog-rockers Jeronimo, in Bulgarian. The other song is a instumental. It´s probably common knowledge, but I don´t know the song.

Interestingly on the B-side there are two songs by the Beatles, Come Together and Something,  most probably bootlegged by the state-owned Bulgarian label Balkanton.

Actually I should have posted some better Bulgarian tracks by Sreburnite Grivni or Shturzite (the Crickets), or even the whole The Best Beat Bands from Sofia LP Compilation, because I have that one. But this is my little East-European summer week so maybe some other time. A while back I posted a nice Bulgarian Rock´n´Roll instrumental by Studio 5 here.

Meanwhile enjoy the summer in Sofia…



STUDIO 5, Madison 5, 1964

A nondescript record sleeve: some landscape and no info. All other text on the label written in a language you can`t read. You can`t even read the letters. Why did I buy this? Because I like surprises and how could a record be more puzzling!? That`s my favorite type of record!

I don`t know where I got it from but I used to buy a lot of  East-European records in the 90`s. When I saw a Balkanton record I bought it. With what I can remember from my Russian class 25 years ago I can barely read the letters. This was still easy. This is a Bulgarian Madison song played by a Jazz group that is trying to do Rock`n`Roll, including nice guitar, saxophone, piano and acoustic bass solos. Does that sound good? It does to me…

STUDIO 5, Madison 5, 1964