ELLEN SABRI, He-He Herr Mayer was macht die Lust, 1970

Last weekend I went to the flea-market on Saturday and on Sunday but this time to sell stuff for a change.

I mostly sold records and old comic-books and sat  in the hot sun for two days. On Sunday I took a short break and checked out what the other sellers had to offer. That´s when I found this record.ellen-sabri

I sometimes have the feeling that I might not find anything really weird any more but then stuff like this turns up. Of course I was curious when I saw the sleeve but it was not until I got home that I found out more about the record. These Songs were performed in the film Liebesmarkt in Dänemarkt, one of the countless sex-comedies that came out in the late 60´and early 70´s. Surprisingly 2.5 million people saw this film when it came out in 1970. It still ranks among the 100 most successful German movies at the box-office since 1968. As a side note the famous B-movie actress Sybil Danning played one of her first roles in this movie. Most recently she played in Quentin Tarantino´s Grindhouse, in a trailer called Werewolf  Women of the SS and in Rob Zombie´s remake of Halloween.

I had never heard of Liebesmarkt in Dänemark and I bet most of the people who saw it forgot about it quickly. After pornography was suddenly not illegal in Germany any more in 1969 the sex-industry boomed and sex-movies and shops were opening up everywhere. Nonetheless the much more permissive Denmark was still regarded as a mecca of sin and sexuality.

Well, I know you can´t see me blushing right now, but this is a pornographic record. The  up-beat dance music and the cute singing contrast greatly with the very explicit lyrics. The A-side is better musically although Ellen Sabri does sing about showing her breasts and her butt and some other things to a certain Herr Mayer. The B-side Pornoparadies Dänemark is were it gets really dirty. Dicks , pussies, fucking, dildos, cute Ellen sings about all of it in a very light-hearted and carefree manner. That´s really weird.

I definetely won´t be able to play this record anywhere else but here on this blog so enjoy…

ELLEN SABRI, He-He Herr Mayer was macht die Lust, 1970

ELLEN SABRI, Pornoparadies Dänemark, 1970

GRAF KOKS, Made in Germany, 1966

There is a little known genre of German music that was very popular in the 1960´s: risqué Oompah-music. There were hundreds of groups playing and recording this thinly veiled, insinuating party-music. graf-koks

The Tiger label was one of the many sub-labels of Acondor that Hans-Werner Kuntze founded out of the small town of Osnabrück. His CCA label is famous for producing some of the rarest German Beat records.

This is still far away from the all-out graphic language of the Ellen Sabri songs but  Lord Muck is singing about his “thing” being made in Germany. And of course the high quality it is made of…

GRAF KOKS, Made in Germany, 1966

GRAF KOKS, Mariechen sass auf einem Stein, 1966

DIE SCHÜRZENJÄGER, Backe, backe Kuchen, 1966

tiger-5002-fronttiger-5002-backtiger-5002-labelI like most of the records I post on this blog, however strange or bad they may seem to other people. This is an exception and I only post this because I collect these type of records and because it fits with the Ellen Sabri record. I collect them but I don´t really listen to these records. They are bad.tiger-5002

So why do I collect them? Probably because they are so rediculously bad that it amazes me. “Bake, bake a cake always in front of the hot hole” is not  nearly as hot as the Hot Nuts because these Skirt Chasers are playing this awful Oompah music but… I don´t know… just listen for yourself…

DIE SCHÜRZENJÄGER, Backe, backe Kuchen, 1966

DIE SCHÜRZENJÄGER, Und dann braucht sie ´nen starken Hammer, 1966


Herbstradio-illuHeute Abend von 21 bis 23 Uhr präsentieren Andi & Andi wieder BERLIN BEATET BESTES auf Herbstradio 99.1 !!!!

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Wer noch eine Entscheidungshilfe braucht,  Herbstradio 99.1 einschalten!!!

Bis gleich

Andi & andi

KORAFAS, Kili Watch, 1961

korafas-frontkorafas-backkorafas-labelOur radio show on Tuesday was a lot of fun. We played a really diverse range of music and further established our two very diverse radio personalities: East-Andy and West-Andy. I´m the happy-go-lucky fast-talker and the other Andy is the down-to-earth slow-talker. I play the stupid and the funny music and he plays the stupid and the angry music.

And then we had Wade calling-in from Brattleboro, Vermont. He does a real cool Exotica and Rock´n´Roll show on WVEW107.7 called Peel Slowly & See. Wade talked about how he does free-form radio in Brattleboro, how he prepares for his  show and what it was like listening to the radio in the 60´s and 70´s. We agreed that we are both trying our best to revive that spirit and get rid of the lameness in today´s radio. Thanks Wade!

Before we come to the music, I added something to two posts lately:

While in Brooklyn in August I found a copy of  the MAD magazine that ALF NEWMAN´s  It´s a gas originally appeared in. I added the cover of the magazine and two more images. If you haven´t already done so, you should check out this record! It´s amazingly funny and it rocks and it rolls!  You´ll find it here.

The second addition was four more songs by MARK RICHARDS AND THE SILVER KEYS. Stefan posted a Twist EP of MARK RICHARDS in one of his guest posts in July and now I posted another French picture-sleeve EP. It´s actually real cool black Rock´n´Roll. You´ll find both records  here.


Now here´s  the great KORAFAS!

Actually I know nothing about this big man from Greece. The only things I could make out from the back of the sleeve of this French EP is that Korafas not als sings ( in French and Italian)  but also plays the piano on these songs. Kili Watch was a hit for Bob Azzam in France and also for the Belgian Instrumental group The Cousins. They were many other versions that year, among them one by Johnny Hallyday, but this version by the “Ulysses of the modern times”  is probably the silliest. La gatta equals that with some cat´s meows thrown in…

KORAFAS est le conquérant hellène des rythmes modernes.

Bravo KORAFAS, tu es L´Ulysse des temps modernes.

KORAFAS, Kili Watch, 1961

KORAFAS, Deliziosa, 1961

KORAFAS, La joie d´aimer, 1961

KORAFAS, La gatta, 1961

THE COUSINS, Kili Watch, 1960

kili-watchAs you probably know by now I usually put my best songs on top of the page. Not this time. This is the killer version of Kili Watch. The Cousins from Belgium sold 15.ooo copies of this record in 1960. I posted another real nice record by the Cousins in April here.   About everything the Cousins ever recorded can be found on the Belgian Twist and Frit´Blog.

I can hear the instrumental Rock´n´Roll fanatics yawning already but for those of you who have never heard this, it´s a wonderfully silly Rock´n´Roll song with great guitar breaks.


THE COUSINS, Kili Watch, 1960

THE COUSINS, Fuego, 1960


Herbstradio-illuAnother show tonight! Tune in to HERBSTRADIO 99.1! Berlin´s only free radio! BERLIN BEATET BESTES and OSTBERLIN BEATET BESSERES come together to play  the craziest, wackiest and stupidest music on Berlin radio!!!

Tune in tonight or today or whatever your time-zone is! On HERBSTRADIO 99.1!!!

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BERLIN BEATZET BESTES im Radio. Andi und Andi spielen wieder herrlich bekloppte und unglaublich lustige Musik. Im Internet über HERBSTRADIO 99.1 online zuhören! Berliner können uns natürlich auch richtig im Radio hören. Von 21 bis 23 Uhr heute Abend. Einfach Herbstradio 99.1 Mhz einschalten und los geht´s!


I found this 45 at the flea-market last Saturday. My girlfriend and some friends were standing behind me and my girlfriend said: ” Are you buying records again? You bought 200 records in the US  last month!! You´ve got flea-market-Verbot!!!”

Well, it was only 50 cents so I got it anyway from the old lady that sold it. I didn´t know  what it was either but Fingers Lee sounded pretty close to Freddy “Fingers” Lee, the famous British Rockabilly pianist. Later at home a quick Internet check confirmed my assumption. And when the needle hit the record I was floored! PURE FUZZED-OUT BRITISH FREAKBEAT!!!

Freddy Fingers Lee was a regular on the British Rockabilly Scene in the 70´s and played with Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers. Because he only had one eye he always wore a eye-patch and his trademark cowboy hat. He cut many records and toured Europe extensively.

In the early 60´s he played with Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages and later moved to Hamburg where he played in the house-bands at the Top Ten and the Star Club. His own band, The Upper Hand included bassist Ian Patterson (Ian Hunter) and Pete Phillips on drums. Ian Hunter later joined Mott The Hoople.

Here´s a video of a legendary Freddy Fingers Lee performance  doing “Lights Out”. Watch how he takes the axe and destroys the piano while all the British Teddy Boys cheer him on!!!

The Midnight Run appeared on Volume 9 of the Incredible Sound Show Stories compilation LP series that came out in the 90´s .

Oh yeah, it´s WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD!!!!!!!