ELI SALZMAN and FRANKY FUZZ at Kollage Bar February 27, 2009

eli-franky-flyerIf you haven`t made plans for Friday night yet,  Eli Salzman and Franky Fuzz are playing at  Kollage Bar in Kreuzberg, Yorckstrasse 22. They both do amazing singer/songwriter stuff  and are great guys too. Here`s your chance to discover some brand new unsigned talent. Yeah, they`re that good. Remember,  you heard it first here at Berlin Beatet Bestes…

FAMILY, Die kleine Band, 1977

As I`ve written before what I`m really looking for at flea-markets and in thrift stores are records I´ve never seen before by artists I`ve never heard of. When I`ve found a record that I like, I mostly check the Internet first. If it has been re-issued on Cd or is  available as download then I don`t post it. If on the other hand nobody  has ever cared to re-issue a record for 20 , 30, 40 or 50 years I figure it`s about time somebody did.

Over the past 30 years Bear Family Records has re-issued most of the interesting German 20th Century`s Pop music that was released on major labels like Polydor,  Ariola and Telefunken.  That still leaves a lot of independent releases, budget labels, advertisement records, flexi discs and private pressings for me to work with.

Which leads me to this record here by a mystery group from Heinsberg, North Rhine Westphalia very close to the Dutch border. Not a word about them or their self-released record to be found on the Internet. The song “Die kleine Band” tells the story of their little amateur band , how they made a record and how  success was not the motivating factor behind it but having a good time: they were the band that everyone in town knew. Very sweet really.

“Oldies But Goldies” is a County song about the pirate radio show of singer Karl-Heinz that aired every Saturday  on 101.5 FM from 10 to 2.30 a.m. It even mentions how they are always in danger of beeing shut down by the police  but that spinning records is a wonderful hobby that they are proud of.  Holland had a lot of pirate radio stations in the 60`s and 70`s and it`s great that this small town had one station too. Today Heinsberg  has a small Punk scene but any trace of the little band is long gone.

Luckily at least one copy of  this Family record miraculously made it to Berlin…

FAMILY, Die kleine Band, 1977

FAMILY, Oldies But Goldies, 1977

PEPPERBOX, Der Typ mit dem heißen Ofen, 1982

Another private pressing from a band that probably only played locally in the Schwaebisch-Hall area in the South of Germany.  I really like this song.  The sleeve describes this as “Oldies from the 60`s” but “Der Typ mit dem heißen Ofen” (The guy with the bitchin`motorcycle) is more like Status Quo meets the Shangri-La`s. There`s the sound of a motorcycle at the beginning and the whole song revolves around the troubles of a girl with her mother who  wants to see her guy first.

Charming female vocals  and a great guitar solo! This should have been a hit.

PEPPERBOX, Der Typ mit dem heißen Ofen, 1982

YETI`S SKIFFLE MEN, Yeti`s Orgie, 1976

With this I`m stepping into Brotbeutel territory because this is from Hannover. The Yeti`s Skiffle Men emerged in the booming Jazz and Skiffle szene of the 70`s and played mostly locally. They appeared on TV and were interviewed for the radio. In 1976 they recorded a full album on the local Hannover WAM label.

These funny songs about Yetis, the Himalayas and Orgies appeared on  their own first privately pressed record. Great silly Jazz music!

YETI`S SKIFFLE MEN, Yeti`s Orgie, 1976

YETI`S SKIFFLE MEN, Schneeballschlacht im Himalaya, 1976

TOMMI PIPER, Monotonek, 1976

Thomas “Tommi” Piper is a German actor, voice actor and musician  who played his first roles in movies in the 60`s. He is well known in Germany for having done the voice-over for the TV-character ALF.

It says on the back of the sleeve  that he premiered as entertainer April 22, 1974 with a two and a half hour show called “Show about Show”. His first album ” Tommi Piper Entertainer” , produced by Michael Holm, came out in January 1976

“Monotonek” is a parody-version of  Carl Douglas`s “Kung Fu Fighting” with changed lyrics in German. This is a comedy record first, that is making fun of the monotonous Disco music and the fancy Disco scene , but musically this is also surprisingly rockin`.

TOMMI PIPER, Monotonek, 1976

TOMMI PIPER, Billy-Kid-Eye-Joe und die Jungs von der Bronx, 1976

HORST KOCH, Lachen, 1973

More silly music, but this time I couldn`t find out anything about the artist with the Musketeer moustache. As mentioned on the sleeve Horst Koch recorded at least one full album called “Das Blutbad und andere lustige Lieder”  ( The Bloodbath and other funny songs). “Lachen” ( laughter ) is just that: a song about, and mostly consisting of, laughter. The first sentence is:” Och, ist der dick!”, meaning ” Man, he`s fat!”…

HORST KOCH, Lachen, 1973

HORST KOCH, Flamenco 1, 1973

BENNY LUX, Bong A Boing (Die kleinen grünen Männchen), 1971

Somebody paid 3o Euros for this on eBay recently. Even more recently somebody paid 51 euros! Who are these people? I thought we were in a recession right now!

My own copy is not in a perfect shape and I only paid 50 cents  in a thrift store a couple of weeks ago, but I think that`s a little closer to what this record should cost.  I mean come on: a song about little green men singing: Bong-Bong-A-Beng-Beng-A-Bing-Bing-A-Bang-A-Bang-A-Bung-Bung-A-Boing…

Great silly music but still primarily SILLY!!! This is silly like crazy! This is music to destroy brain cells with! Music to terrorize your girlfriend/boyfriend with! Well you decide, if that`s worth 51 Euros

BENNY LUX, Bong A Boing, 1971

LUIS BRUNNER, Geh`tausch ma´s aus, 1968

I`m pretty sure nobody will ever pay 50 Euros for this one ( I paid 50 cents). If that last record was silly this is stupid. The equivalent to a chauvinistic 60`s Country & Western record. Actually this is a Hillbilly song but a very German one, even sung with a thick Bavarian accent. The lyrics are about swapping wives: a rich old one for a young pretty one. I know it all sounds terrible, but I love it. No information about the artist or the Cartoonist Kurt Franke to be found on the Internet .

Play this at your trendy bar Mr. Trendy 60`s DJ…

LUIS BRUNNER, Geh`tausch ma´s aus, 1968