VOLKSMACHT, Chile Venceremos, 1974

Again I found this last week for 50 cents in a local thrift store. It was released by a group of Berlin communists in support of the Chilean people who were massacred by the military Junta in 1974. The Chilean coup d´état of General Pinochet was a major political cause to fight against for the political left. In Eastern-Germany it was state-policy.

Chile Venceremos (we shall overcome) is a folk song but the singing is very similar to that of   Ton  Steine Scherben, Germany´s most radical-leftist Krautrock group. It features some cool commie lyrics about overthrowing the capitalist system and fighting violently to the end…

VOLKSMACHT, Chile Venceremos, 1974

Interviev im Leichenschauhaus und vor dem Nationalstadion Santiagos