EDDIE RUSSELL, Cowboyens Sang, 1947

For some reason the trift store, where I bought most of the 78rpm records, also had a lot of Danish records. Out of curiosity I bought a bunch of them, but most of them turned out to be pretty boring.

Not this one. Although sung in Danish, and nowhere as fast as the original “Blazin´The Trail To My Home” written by Teddy Powell and recorded in 1945 by Gene Autry, Eddie Russell´s version is a pretty close approximation of American western swing music. Or at least much closer than every German Cowboy song I have ever heard.

Now if I only found a cheap way of getting rid of the awful clicks and hisses. This record cost 50 cents.

EDDIE RUSSELL, Cowboyens Sang, 1949

EDDIE RUSSELL, The Last Round-Up, 1949

DRAGO PETAN, Joe und Rosemarie, 1964

I have no information about Drago Petan but the name sounds like it could be Slovenian. Recorded for the small local Berlin independent label Metropol that still exists today. Joe und Rosemarie is a typical German cowboy song. Written by Fred Oldörp of  The 3 Travellers. The flip is about homesickness and sounds a little more authentic than those Freddy tear-jerkers.

I bought this last week in a thrift store and frankly only for the sleeve. I´m still searching for the slop records that are listed on the back. Akki Hamann´s  Slop in Bahia/ Hallo Mr. Lover sounds kinda cool…

DRAGO PETAN, Joe und Rosemarie, 1964

DRAGO PETAN, So wie´s zu Hause war, 1964

DIE COWBOY TWISTERS, Cowboy-Twist, 1961

Throughout the 50s and into the  60s the German love for the American Western movie was equal to that of the German Heimatfilm. Both had similar “rural settings, sentimental tone and simplistic morality”.  Both were geared towards kids and old people. In Germany the language in the Western and Heimat movies and songs was the same.  So strangely a lot of expressions and phrases about home and country that were leftover from the Hitler dictatorship  showed up in the Western genre. Germany is a creepy place…

Of the hundreds of German cowboy songs that were recorded in the late 50s to early 60s  these are not the most famous ones. I  just picked some of the more up-beat ones from my collection. This is a  German  version of  Chubby Checker´s  The Hucklebuck that is totally saved by the fact that it was made for twistin´ teenagers…

DIE COWBOY TWISTERS, Cowboy-Twist, 1961

DIE COWBOY TWISTERS, Pony Express, 1961

DIE HIT-TWISTERS, Dufte ist der Cowboy-Twist in Mexico, 1961

schlagerwuensche-frontschlagerwuensche-labelAnother Cowboy-Twist song on the Neckermann budget label. Neckermann was a chain store company that also produced records that were sold in their stores.

DIE HIT-TWISTERS, Dufte ist der Cowboy-Twist in Mexico, 1961

FERDY, Ringo, 1965

ferdy-frontferdy-backferdy-labelThe German version of  Lorne Greene`s hit song, sung (or rather spoken) in the same manner as the original.ferdy

The German lyrics mostly tell the same tale: Sheriff saves Ringo`s life, Sheriff hunts Ringo, Sheriff and Ringo have a gunfight. But wherein the original version Ringo gets killed by the town folk and then because of that, the Sheriff  hangs up his star at Ringo`s grave, in the German version the Sheriff shoots Ringo and then gives up his star in respect for Ringo. Go figure…

FERDY, Ringo, 1965

FERDY, Sand, 1965

DIE BLAUEN REITER, Steh`auf hohem Berge, 1961

blaue-reiter-frontblaue-reiter-labelIn Western movies there are cowboys, Indians and then there is the cavalry. This is a particularly creepy German Western song that glorifies the military.

A song for kids, with big drums and a marching guitar. On the small  Simon label from Hamburg…

DIE BLAUEN REITER, Steh`auf hohem Berge, 1961

MARIKA KILIUS, Zwei Indianer aus Winnipeg, 1964

marika-frontmarika-labelMarika Kilius is a two-time Olympic silver medalist and two-time World champion of pairs figure skating. After her skating career she started a singing career. Two cute Western  songs about Cowboys and Indians…

MARIKA KILIUS, Zwei Indianer aus Winnipeg, 1964

MARIKA KILIUS, Wenn die Cowboys träumen, 1964

UNDINE VON MEDVAY, Der Sheriff von Arkansas ist `ne Lady, 1961

roxy-frontroxy-backroxy-labelA cover version of Caterina Valente`s hit song on the budget label Roxy that was produced by the Vox-Imago record plant that also produced a wide variety of flexi-discs. The song was co-written by Fred Oldörp who was a member of the Berlin group Die 3 Travellers.

UNDINE VON MEDVAY, Der Sheriff von Arkansas ist `ne Lady, 1961