RITA, Sexologie, 1969

Summertime is sexy-time. To continue with last weeks sexually charged “Diana” record here are a couple  more. The heavy moaning on “Erotica” is definitely influenced by the success of Serge Gainsbourgs “Je t`aime”. Musically this is straight funk European-Style. Enjoy!

RITA, Sexologie, 1969

RITA, Erotica, 1969


This was meant to be a party record but I dare everyone to actually play this at a party today. Or just to play this loud at home to your neighbours. “Zoom Party” is basically a woman moaning over some exotic drums and orchestra. Wild stuff!




This track “Liebesgeflüster”  ( Lovers whisper ) should have been called lovers moaning because that`s what it is. A young couple doing telephone sex with a electric guitar playing   ( wanking? ) in the background. This  record probably came out in the early 70s and was meant to turn people on. Beside the moaning there is no mentioning of any obscenities. The dialogue is very suggestive but not graphic at all. It`s just stupid and the speakers are so bad it`s funny.

Liebesgeflüster (Gespräche eines jungen Paares)

ORCHESTER HEINZ ALISCH, The World of Love, 1969

This was the title track to the “educational” sex- film: “Oswald Kolle- Deine Frau das unbekannte Wesen” aka “Female Sexuality”(UK). Nothing sexual about the music on this record though, just the typical easy listening sound of the time.

ORCHESTER HEINZ ALISCH, The World of Love, 1969

ORCHESTER CHARLIE STEINMANN, Sag nicht “Good-bye”, 1969

GÜNTER PROTT, Grobgewürfeltes

Another travesty record but a much tamer one than “Diana”. Günter Prott aka Lila ( lilac ) just recites poems. No music on this record. The piece “Grobgewürfeltes” is about the self-centered gay scene. I couldn`find out anything about the artist or when this  was recorded.

GÜNTER PROTT, Grobgewürfeltes

DIANA, Ich hab Lust

Fuck ebay. I love flea-markets. There is a little flea-market down the street from where I live taking place every Saturday. This time I had the idea to document some of my finds and got my friend and fellow collector Frank to take photos. It was raining a bit but for these kind of things that`s always good. Bad weather means less competition from other collectors. In the past I`ve found great records when it was really hot in the summer or when it was freezing in the winter. But this market is rather small anyway and I never go there early. The kind of records I`m looking for always get left behind by “serious” collectors. This was especially apparent this time.

This record was only 50 cents and didn`t look like anything special. The sleeve doesn`t reveal much of what sort of music is on it. That`s why all the collectors that had combed over everything had left it there. I picked it because I didn`t know the artist. And also because Diana looked like a transvestite and the title “Ich hab Lust” ( I`m lustful/horny ) sounded interesting.

This is a great record. Probably the filthiest record on the whole market and a real surprise when Frank, my girlfriend and I listened to it when we got home. It`s outright pornographic but the fact that Diana is a transvestite and the up-beat pop music save it from making it unbearable. It`s really funny because she is singing about fucking and dicks but the music and her voice is just so nice.

Nothing found on the Internet about Diana. I would think it is a private pressing from the late 70s to the early 80s. But that`s just a guess…

DIANA, Ich hab Lust

DIANA, Wer mich haben will, der muß was leisten

(Ein kleiner, von mir auf deutsch geschriebener Text über Diana, erschien am 20. August 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World.

Im Internet zu lesen ist er hier.)

MARGIE, Ich such den Playboy

As you probably know by now I really like odd records. I hate alphabetically organized record stores because I`m never looking for anything special in a store. I`m looking for records I don`t know yet by artists I`ve never heard of. Luckily most store-owners put the records they can`t categorize and don`t think they can sell in the 50 cents bins and that`s where I go first. I`m driven by curiosity rather than the “love of the music”. The notion that all “good” music is made by established artists is bullshit. Professional artists have to crank out record after record until every bit of inspiration is drenched out of them. Some of the most interesting music is made by amateurs who make a record or two and then get on with their lives.

I don`t want this to sound too harsh. I do love all kinds of music including a lot of “hits” from every decade. And instead of complaining I should be grateful that my area of interest is not so crowded yet.

This record is a good example of how important a sleeve is to selling a record. The really bad drawing on the sleeve kept music fans from buying it to this day.  It was what attracted me but still the low quality of the sleeve  is in big contrast to the full sound on the record. The music could have been anything from pop, traditional to comedy.

Again nothing on Margie on the Internet but the Ernst Kugler Orchestra was pretty well known in Austria in the 60s and 70s. They do a great job in accompanying Margie on these two pop songs circa 1970/71. “Ich such den Playboy” ( I`m looking for the playboy ) is a song about a woman looking for a man (a playboy) to support her. Not exactly a notion that was very much in tune with the progressive atmoshere at that time.

MARGIE, Ich such den Playboy

MARGIE, Aber dann…

TUPOLEV, Hamburger Funeral

This is from my hometown Hamburg and judging from the sleeve, graphics and music I would place it somewhere between 1985 to 1987. I didn`t know what it was and just took it because it was 1 euro and  looked slightly punkish. The music is somewhere between BLOOD ON THE SADDLE, THE MEKONS and THE POGUES. A style that was popular with a lot of people who had surpassed their punk phase in the 80s. A mix of folk, country and punk that got labeled “cow punk”.

Being from Hamburg  and having experienced that time quite consciously I still do not recall this band. Once again there was nothing about them on the Internet but I bet they went on to play music in other bands and I hope to find out about their history soon.

The Rock`n`Roll instrumental “Kung Fu” is the winner on this record. Also the one that shows the most wear so someone must have liked it a lot. The other songs kind of grow on me and I think I will give them a couple of more spins in the future. I only have to find a cowboy hat now…

TUPOLEV, Hamburger Funeral


TUPOLEV, Down in the Glen