DAVID PHILOE, Pauvre Malheureux, 1970

From looking at the sleeve I would have guessed that this is traditional music from the  Seychelles. Some light  intrumental music at best. But not the wild drums and hectic rhythms that David Philoe plays. This is very interesting music from this archipelago nation of 115  islands in the Indian ocean some 1,500 miles east of mainland Africa.

DAVID PHILOE, Pauvre Malheureux, 1970

DAVID PHILOE, Mon Bourreau, 1970

SERGE LEBRASSE, Ding Dong Banané, 1970

You have to listen to this yourself as I have no idea how to describe it right now. No idea who Serge Lebrasse is either.

SERGE LEBRASSE, Ding Dong Banané, 1970

SERGE LEBRASSE, Seychelles Bijou de L´Océan, 1970