SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel-Beat No.1, 1967

jodel-beat-frontjodel-beat-backjodel-beat-labelOdd German records preferably with cartoon sleeves: I thought that I had a pretty narrow focus when I started this blog and that I would run out of material sooner or later but it seems that I always find new stuff that I´ve never seen before. Like this record that I bought last week in a local thrift store. It looks like it was made for  Berlin Beatet Bestes.

The gouache cartoon on the sleeve, executed by an unknown artist, is not exactly brilliant but  I like the bold and fast brush work. Although a Beatle with Lederhosen would´ve been even better…

Jodel On A String is a yodel version of Puppet On A String backed by a typical Oom-pah band. Jodel-Beat No.1 was Sepp Viellechner´s one and only effort at mixing his yodeling with beat music before returning to his Bavarian folk music. He still performs occasionally today.

This is Jodel-Beat No.1! … He´s a red hot Beat-Yodeler! … This is the original Sauerkraut-Beat! … Mountain-Beat and Sauerkraut, come on Tony kiss´n´ shout!  … Sauerkraut´n´sugar sweet, mountain baby Polka-Beat! … Leberkäs´n´discotheque, Tony, Tony kiss´n´shake! …

It´s lovely…

SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel-Beat No.1, 1967

SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel On A String, 1967

SUSI DORÉE, Ich geh ohne, 1964

alle-maedchen-frontalle-maedchen-backalle-maedchen-labelalle-maedchen-label-2Susi Dorée is a local Berlin singer who , together with  the Blue Cellar Combo, was a staple at the famous Berlin Riverboat, one of the biggest European dance clubs in the early to mid 60´s.

She also recorded the first German cover version of Little Eva´s Locomotion, Schokoladeneis, for  CBS. In the mid-60´Susi Dorée did a lot of studio work, recording cover versions of hit records for  German budget labels tip and Baccarola.

(from Billboard magazine Jan.16, 1965)

Ich geh ohne (I´m going without), recorded for the local independent  Monopol label and written by Will Meisel, is another tongue-in-cheek take on the Minikini/No Bikini fad of 1964 (that I´ve posted here, here and here) suggesting she´s going “without a bra”.

It turns out that Susi´s not going out of the house without her “boyfriend Jack”…

SUSI DORÉE, Ich geh´ ohne, 1964

SUSI DORÉE, Das wissen alle Mädchen, 1964

BUD ASHTON, Kon-Tiki, 1961

I have posted budget records before,  mostly focusing on the German variety: Tip, Tempo, Rondo, Okay. This here record came out on the legendary British budget label  Embassy owned by the Woolworth chain store and exclusively sold through stores at half the price of  major label releases. Apparently there are quite a number of  collectors already occupied with assembling Embassy releases as can be seen on this Embassy label tribute website.

Isn´t that a beautiful sleeve!? The label operated from 1954 to 1965 producing mostly double-a-side singles with cover versions of hit songs. Just like the musicians that worked for other European budget labels, these musicians were professionals. Considering that they had to record these songs in a very short time, it´s amazing that their versions, like  this instrumental originally recorded by the  Shadows, turned out to be so good.

BUD ASHTON, Kon-Tiki, 1961

THE COUSINS, Hey, Mae, 1962

So far I have posted two other 45´s by the Belgian instrumental group the Cousins  here and here. You can still download most of their material from the Belgian Twist and Frit blog but just because I found this record last week here´s their slightly faster version of Rusty & Doug Kershaw´s Cajun Rockabilly classic Hey Mae.

When The Cousins Come Twistin´ In is a Twist version of  When the Saints Go Marchin´In.

THE COUSINS, Hey, Mae, 1962

THE COUSINS, When The Cousins Come Twistin´In, 1962

JUDY ONGG, Futari No Kisetsu, 1968

Because there are still a lot of blank spaces in my countries category, here are three records from Japan this week.

Judy Ongg is an actress, singer, author and woodblock-print artist from Taiwan. Born in Taipei in 1950, she graduated from university in Tokyo and after that, changed her nationality into Japanese. Her career has spanned more than four decades.

Judy Ongg is not doing Rock´n´Roll or Beat music on this record but it´s not too soft either. There is some nice guitar work on these tracks that sounds a bit like this song in this video:

Judy Onggs filmography lists a film called  Cyborg 009 from 1967. I don´t know if this animation film of the same name has anything to do with her but I still liked it enough to share it here:

The jacket, though printed on very thin paper, has a lot of inserts: dance instructions, lyrics and a nice inner sleeve. High production values used quite economically. I don´t know what dance the  dance instructions are for but I it might be the Shake, the Surf , the Jerk, the Loco-Motion, the Hitchhike, the Mashed Potato, the Pony or the Monkey.

Maybe not the Monkey, they don´t really monkey around…

JUDY ONGG, Futari No Kisetsu, 1968

JUDY ONGG, My Lonely Summer, 1968

THE WILD ONES, Kaze-Yo-Tsutaete, 1967

I bought this record more than ten years ago in Bangkok together with a whole batch of other 45´s. This was the only Japanese record I found and it didn´t have a sleeve. I will post some of these records from Thailand at a later date.

The Wild Ones were one of the most popular Japanese Group Sounds(GS) groups, though not the wildest. They were more like the Japanese Beatles and they still play dressed in matching Beatle outfits today.

THE WILD ONES, Kaze-Yo-Tsutaete, 1967

THE WILD ONES, My Little Happiness, 1967

( Michael from Milano just sent in the missing sleeve. Mille Grazie!)

ZOFFY, 1984

Just like the Judy Ongg 45 I bought this record in a Berlin second hand record store a while back. I didn´t know what it was and only picked it up because it was cheap. It is the theme song for the Japanese animation series Zoffy. Apart from the video here I´ve never seen it but this sure looks like I would enjoy seeing a whole episode.

Zoffy seems to be one of the characters in the Ultraman series. Here´s Zoffy fighting a couple of monsters in an episode called Zoffy vs. Tyrant:

I bet there could be a lot more to know about Zoffy but for the moment I don´t really feel like exploring the subject. Thankfully there are some people who like to share their knowledge:

ZOFFY, Side 1, 1984

ZOFFY, Side 2, 1984


Am kommenden Samstag findet unsere kleine Schallplattenversteigerungsshow Auktion/Destruktion zum letzten Mal in der Kollage statt. Leider muß die Kollage schliessen und so hat unsere Show dann erstmal kein zuhause.

Auch diesmal versteigern, verkaufen und zerbrechen wir wieder Singles aus allen Jahrzehnten der Popgeschichte: Raritäten, Hits und totalen Schrott. Kommt früher und guckt in meine Plattenkiste um zu sehen, was ich versteigere. Hier nochmal unser kleiner Auktion/Destruktion Jingle