THE DYNAMIC 6+1, Moyambé, 1966

I´m not going to pretend to know anything about Africa or African music. There are a lot of blogs who specialize in that and know much more than I can find out on the internet in a short time. I aquired these records randomly over the past years because I thought they looked interesting. I post them because I haven´t posted any records from Africa yet.

The Dynamic 6+1 were formed in Liberia in the mid-60´s but when they came to Hamburg in 1969 changed their name to the Soulful Dynamics.

They hit number 1 in Germany with Mademoiselle Ninette in 1970. The group is still touring in Germany playing various Oldies shows.

I really like these two songs recorded for the Swiss Elite Special label.

THE DYNAMIC 6+1, Moyambé, 1966

THE DYNAMIC 6+1, Babalazi, 1966