opera-4178-frontopera-4178-backopera--label-4178-1opera--label-4178-2A couple of years ago I thought  big band swing music was boring elevator background muzak. Since then I´ve developed a deep appreciation for the big band swing sound of the 30s and 40s.  But the reason why big band swing got such a bad rep is probably stuff like this. Back in the 50s big band swing had already gotten long out of fashion. Like all big band swing ever since, this record was appealing to more conservative listeners. Hip people either listened to real jazz or rock´n´roll. Today nobody needs some 1950s second grade medleys of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller hits, when most people don´t even care for the originals?  Still musically this is top-notch big band swing! From Berlin – from one of Berlin´s true Jazzmen!

Andrés Ramiro really is Berlin band leader Wolf Gabbe,the man who was also behind the pseudonym Kid Orbis. Unfortunately his music has largely been forgotten. If you´ll search for Wolf Gabbe on Amazon/Itunes two songs will pop up that are currently for sale . Only two songs from a couple of decades that Gabbe worked and recorded in. I have posted some of his records here, here and here.


ANDRÉS RAMIRO UND SEIN ORCHESTER, After You´re Gone – Flyin´ Home – Shine

ANDRÉS RAMIRO UND SEIN ORCHESTER, Stompin´ At The Savoy – Sing, Sing, Sing – Don´t Be That Way

Glenn-Miller Story:

ANDRÉS RAMIRO UND SEIN ORCHESTER, Moonlight-Serenade – At Last – Sun Valley Sleighride

ANDRÉS RAMIRO UND SEIN ORCHESTER, American Patrol – Little Brown Jug – Pa 6500 – In The Mood

Wolf Gabbe appeared in the 1954 film Der treue Husar, the faithful Hussar.



  1. ëRiC says:

    Hahaaa das is ja unglaublich wie das interpretiert wurde :D
    Voll erkennbar aber auch voll 50er irgendwie. Danke Andreas!

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