EDDIE JOHNSON, Zumma-Zumma-Zumbassa!,1966

zumma-front-21zumma-backzumma-labelMy girlfriend is the first and most important person that I ask  if I am in doubt about anything. I trust her judgement. She is critical but also very open minded. If I would have shown her this record she would`ve  probably shrugged her shoulders and said:”Terrible.” And she would be right. This record is terrible.  But so is “Sex and the City”…


Eddie Johnson and his producers tried to coat-tail on the success of “Mr.Cannibal” that I posted last week, throwing in the same ingredients: Mau-Maus, cannibals and a mix of German and English lyrics. And it`s  even more racist. But the music is better, Calypso-Beat or is this Ska?  Strangely I couldn`t find out anything about Eddie Johnson at all.eddie-johnson

However the artist that did the cover is Will Halle. Not the best Berlin cartoonist and not my favorite one but he had that typical simple and effective style that was popular in the 40`s, 50`s and early 60`s. Like his collegues Stenzel and Kossatz, Will Halle was a popular Berlin cartoonist and still is with a older generation of Berliners.

These guys were popular before the internet so I could only find out a few things there: Will Halle`s real name was Erich Will. He was from the town of Halle so he called himself Will Halle. He was born 1905 and either died in 1969 or 1980.


I have been collecting cartoon books for a long time and started to particularly look for Berlin cartoonists since I moved here 11 years ago.

Generally I don`t buy books that were published in Nazi Germany. Anybody who was published during that time was a collaborator. They were published in spite of all the other ( mostly more talented )  people that were persecuted, forced to leave the country or killed. It´s a contaminated time and I don`t want to have books around that carry that spirit.

A while back I had a discussion with fellow Berlin cartoonists who felt that in the case of Olaf Gulbransson, who was published in Nazi Germany, he was innocent because he wasn`t a political person. I disagreed because I think in a dictatorship there is no room for that. You are either a threat or you comply.

I found this book by Will Halle from 1940das-finde-ich-komisch in a thrift store for only 2 euros so I picked it up. It has a introduction by Heinz Rühmann, probably the most popular German actor ever. His career spun from the 30`s and 40`s to the 80`s.

The book is called “Das finde ich komisch- Ein Bilderbuch für Erwachsene” ( That`s what I think is funny- A picture book for adults ).


The miracle of alcohol

“Where is the wolf? I want to tear him apart!”


“Playing around”professor

The short-sighted man

“Excuse me, Professor- I`m the Model!”lebemann

The modest rake

” You wouldn`t believe what you can imagine behind there!”

It is not a political book and the humour is not Nazi humour. There are no antisemitic drawings in that book. But some Nazis must`ve laughed about these cartoons. It was published by Nazis in Nazi Germany. Maybe that makes it Nazi Humour?

So I still have a bad feeling about this book that was published when Germany`s brightest people were forced to be silent and thousands went into concentration camps and this guy didn`t think it was wrong to get the Nazi stamp of approval for his funny pictures.

But that goes for a number of Berlin cartoonists like Hans Joachim Stenzel, Hans Kossatz , Ferdinand  Barlog and Horst von Möllendorf. They  were respected and loved by a wide audience before and after the war.

But whatever, it`s only a simple cartoon sleeve of a silly German 45 from 1966…

EDDIE JOHNSON, Zumma-Zumma-Zumbassa!,1966

EDDIE JOHNSON, Charly, Bring Me A Beer,1966

ADAM UND DIE MICKY`S, John Brown`s Vadder, 1968

adam-frontadam-backadam-labelWill Halle also did the cover illustration for this single and also designed a follow-up LP sleeve. This one was ADAM and the MICKY`S second single after their first one “Papa”, a parody of Dutch child-star Heintje`s “Mama”, sold 150.00 copies.


Humpta-Beat stuff with silly lyrics in the Hessian dialect for the party crowds at the Karneval. “John Brown`s Vadder” is a parody of John Brown`s Body. Adam und die Micky`s are still playing.


This Will Halle cartoon is from the 1959 anthology “Kleine St(r)icheleien”:

The balcony of the pleasure-lover


ADAM UND DIE MICKY`S, John Brown`s Vadder, 1968

ADAM UND DIE MICKY`S, Das nackische Lorchen, 1968


Thanks to everyone that attended our auction/destruction happening last night! Frank and I had a lot of fun. This time people bid on almost anything and we didn`t get to destroy as many records as I had wished. So instead we made a little money…

Thanks to my sweet girlfriend Julia who made these videos.

A German Telefunken pressing of the THE WAIKIKI`S “Waikiki Welcome” from 1962 is up for bidding:

THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN`s “Save Your Kisses For Me” saved from destruction for 10 cents:

And yes, it only takes seconds to break one:

Here`s the jingle Frank did for   AUKTION/DESTRUKTION

Vielen Dank auch an Anja Krieger, die einen sehr netten Artikel über den Abend auf ihrer Seite geschrieben hat.

Ebenfalls sehr freundliche Worte über uns fand der Eigenhund blog. Vielen Dank.


THE GREEN DOGS, Wer hat meinen Hund gebissen, 1967

green-dogs-frontgreen-dogs-backgreen-dogs-labelThis was one of the first records that I thought about when I got the idea for this blog. But when I found out that Bear Family Records had featured it on a obscure CD about Dogs I didn`t want to post it because I wanted to stick with unreleased stuff only.

hundBut why be so strict?  Within my initial focus on odd German 45`s with cartoon sleeves this is perfect. “Wer hat meinen Hund gebissen?” ( Who has bitten my dog? ) is a great novelty beat song with nonsense lyrics,  nice fuzz-guitar and a little bit of German hump-ta hump-ta…

THE GREEN DOGS, Wer hat meinen Hund gebissen, 1966

THE GREEN DOGS, Take It Easy, 1966

MALEPARTUS II., Lisbeth, 1966

malepartusmalepartus-labelThe same goes for this 45. Pretty odd German stuff complete with a strange cartoon sleeve. Bear Family Records featured it on some CD comp but it`s just too good to let it pass.

Two great novelty beat songs:”Lisbeth”, a parody-version of THE TROGGS Wild Thing and the b-side a cover of They`re coming to take me away-Ha-Haaa! by NAPOLEON XIV both sung in Hessian dialect.

MALEPARTUS II., Lisbeth, 1966

MALEPARTUS II., Ich glaab`, die hole mich ab, ha-haaa!, 1966


ANDY FISHER, Mr. Cannibal, 1966

mister-cannibalcomputer-nr9cannibal-label“Mr Cannibal” is sung in a  mix of German and English:

” Oh, it was only a few years ago, I was a Mau-Mau-Joe in Kenya. I had no troubles with the income-tax or with the other sex in Kenya. And then one day there came a MINISTER so very sinister from BONN. I was so charming to his ASSISTENT she took me to her tent and say: Oh, Mr. Cannibal, FRESS MICH NOCH EINMAL! (eat me one more time!).

And then they took me back to Germany to make a MENSCH of me so fine. They also told me how to eat and drink and use the bathroom sink, so fine. And then we went out to a TANZLOKAL and with a pretty gal I danced and then she let me take her to her home and when I want to go she said: Mr. Cannibal, FRESS MICH NOCH EINMAL!…

And then I went to university to make GENIE (genius)of me, so KLUG (smart). And learn a lot about BIOLOGIE (biology) and then ANATOMIE (anatomy), so KLUG. And then one day the time was up for me and I was so happy to know, tomorrow morning I go home by plane and never hear again these words: Mr. Cannibal…

And now again I am a Mau-Mau-Joe like many years ago in Kenya. And have no troubles with the income-tax and with the other sex in Kenya. And every evening when the moon comes out I have to think about my DEUTSCH. And then the only words that I still know poor little Mau-Mau-Joe are these: Mr. Cannibal…”


( some real Mau-Maus in 1957)

“Mister Cannibal” ,a cover of  “Monsieur Cannibale” by SACHA DISTEL, reached  no. 21 on the German charts in 1966. “Computer Nr.9” is in a similar off-beat rhythm with some nice 60`s “computer”-sounds…

ANDY FISHER, Mr. Cannibal, 1966

ANDY FISHER, Computer Nr.9, 1966




On Friday November 21. DJ FRANKY FUZZ and I are going to play, auction and destroy records again. All styles and genres: hits, rarities and total garbage. Starting bids are 10 cents. If a record is not sold we break it. 10 pm at the KOLLAGE , Yorckstrasse 22 in Kreuzberg

SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Lucifer in Coelis, 1963

lucifer-in-coelis-frontlucifer-in-coelis-backlucifer-in-coelis-label“Lucifer in Coelis” was lifted from obscurity by the Surfbeat behind the Iron Curtain bootleg-compilation that Dionysus records put out in the 90`s and is now known as the East-European Twist/Instrumental-Novelty song.

That compilation put Eastern European Rock`n`Roll back on the map  just like the “Killed by Death”-compilations did with obscure Punk records. It`s funny that a bootleg is distributed by Barnes & Noble and Amazon but it`s sad  that it`s also the only thing that pops up, when searching for Slàva Kunst on the Internet.  That and a bootleg casette of a Polka album of his that somebody offers for 9 dollars…

The Slàva Kunst Orchestra backed many Czechoslovak artists in the 60`s and recorded a whole lot of records in all kinds of musical styles. Slàva Kunst was among the most well known Czechoslovak Orchestra leaders throughout Eastern-Europe.

It´s a mystery to me why his music has never been re-released. These records here are only a small portion of his output, concentrating on Slàva`s rockin`and twistin`sides…


SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Lucifer in Coelis, 1963