ELLEN SABRI, He-He Herr Mayer was macht die Lust, 1970

Last weekend I went to the flea-market on Saturday and on Sunday but this time to sell stuff for a change.

I mostly sold records and old comic-books and sat  in the hot sun for two days. On Sunday I took a short break and checked out what the other sellers had to offer. That´s when I found this record.ellen-sabri

I sometimes have the feeling that I might not find anything really weird any more but then stuff like this turns up. Of course I was curious when I saw the sleeve but it was not until I got home that I found out more about the record. These Songs were performed in the film Liebesmarkt in Dänemarkt, one of the countless sex-comedies that came out in the late 60´and early 70´s. Surprisingly 2.5 million people saw this film when it came out in 1970. It still ranks among the 100 most successful German movies at the box-office since 1968. As a side note the famous B-movie actress Sybil Danning played one of her first roles in this movie. Most recently she played in Quentin Tarantino´s Grindhouse, in a trailer called Werewolf  Women of the SS and in Rob Zombie´s remake of Halloween.

I had never heard of Liebesmarkt in Dänemark and I bet most of the people who saw it forgot about it quickly. After pornography was suddenly not illegal in Germany any more in 1969 the sex-industry boomed and sex-movies and shops were opening up everywhere. Nonetheless the much more permissive Denmark was still regarded as a mecca of sin and sexuality.

Well, I know you can´t see me blushing right now, but this is a pornographic record. The  up-beat dance music and the cute singing contrast greatly with the very explicit lyrics. The A-side is better musically although Ellen Sabri does sing about showing her breasts and her butt and some other things to a certain Herr Mayer. The B-side Pornoparadies Dänemark is were it gets really dirty. Dicks , pussies, fucking, dildos, cute Ellen sings about all of it in a very light-hearted and carefree manner. That´s really weird.

I definetely won´t be able to play this record anywhere else but here on this blog so enjoy…

ELLEN SABRI, He-He Herr Mayer was macht die Lust, 1970

ELLEN SABRI, Pornoparadies Dänemark, 1970


4 Comments on “ELLEN SABRI, He-He Herr Mayer was macht die Lust, 1970”

  1. Nolti says:

    …ich lach mich schlapp!

    Hätte nicht gedacht, daß noch jemand dieses Teil hat.
    Hab’s selbst mal vor 25 Jahren beim Trödler für 50 Pf. bekommen.

    Ein echtes Schmuddel-Juwel… ;o)

    Mach weiter so!

    Schöne Grüße,

  2. glyn says:

    any chance of a re upload of this one?? the divshare doesn’t seem to be working ..

  3. Anna says:

    Kann man das noch irgendwo herbekommen? Ich bin zu Tode betrübt, dass ich es hier nicht mehr hören kann :(

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