MARCEL AZZOLA, Last Night, 1961

“New Accordion Rock” was just another trick to get teenagers to buy a record made by a bunch of professional French musicians. I don´t think it worked. Teenagers were much smarter than that. They knew that accordions just don´t rock.

However if you close your eyes and simply listen to Last Night, a cover version of the Mar-Keys instrumental soul classic, and imagine not to be somewhere in a café along the river Seine but way over the Atlantic ocean in a state named after the King of France, this could be a song played by Nathan Abshire or Clifton Chenier. Well, at least for a couple of seconds and when they were on a slow night.

I still like these songs. Except for: “Love doesn´t exist”. With that I wholeheartedly disagree…

MARCEL AZZOLA, Last Night, 1961

MARCEL AZZOLA, Daniela, 1961

MARCEL AZZOLA, Tossin´and Turnin´, 1961

MARCEL AZZOLA, Non esiste l´amor (L´amour n´existe pas), 1961


3 Comments on “MARCEL AZZOLA, Last Night, 1961”

  1. Ilias says:

    Discovering melodies that I know somewhat differently, is another appeal of your blog..
    Hear the song “Non esiste l’amor (L’amour n’existe pas)” by a widely known rock singer-actor-showman-cult personality of Greece (who died in 2004):

  2. […] woodsmaiden.Want to live inside the cover of this record (get us a copy? good luck finding it- listen here, a gift from the fabulous Berlin Beatet Bestes). Or if you’re feeling really generous- […]

  3. Kurt L - KL in NYC says:

    Would you believe that there’s a lot of similar music in parts of Canada, like Saskatchewan?
    And that there were Midwestern-US garage bands in the 1960s that used an accordion instead of an organ?

    Life can be stranger than fiction.

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