GOOGOOSH, Djadeh (The Road)

7.SAR-1034-B8.SAR-1034-AI should have at least recognized the voice. The persian superstar Googoosh singing Djadeh with a touch of Shirley Bassey and a dramatic horn-section backing her. Kieh, Kieh is a slow Pop ballad.

GOOGOOSH, Djadeh (The Road)

GOOGOOSH, Kieh, Kieh (Who is it?)

One Comment on “GOOGOOSH, Djadeh (The Road)”

  1. Stefan says:

    Oh, what a voice ! Hearing that music I remembered in finding some old arabian 7″ at flea market years ago. From Iran, Lebanon, Egypt … When I listened to it again, I wondered about the different influences of arabish, far east and also european music. Sounds very strange and interesting.
    Hope the people are getting freedom in mind (and art) back !

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